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Jun 1, 2009 08:19 AM

Chan's Glatt in Teaneck

Any thoughts? I was there last night. It was rather chaotic which is understandable for a new restaurant. Their menu is large and will require some time to figure out which are the standout dishes. I could only order so much in one sitting but some of the items I ordered were tasty (dim sum, chicken and veg. lo mein). The chicken w/ broccoli was a bit sweet for my tastes but the kids liked it. Beef w/ mixed veg. and dumplings were fine. I did not love the bbq beef sticks. Some nice touches included chopsticks that were banded to assist young fingers and a plate of pineapple that appeared at the end of the meal. Mounted t.v.s and a fish tank also help distract impatient kids, though I would rather not have the tv on during dinner. I did not get to the sushi. All said, it seems a decent choice for family dinning.

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    1. re: morris

      pretty reasonable and kid's menu includes kid-sized portions from the regular menu w/ drink included

    2. We were so excited about trying it but much to our dismay it was simply horrible. Everything we were served from soup to entree was awful, half the food tasted stale, overspiced. I truly hope if they want to succeed, they need to change chefs. It was a bad experience and wouldn't go back

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        I'll second that- the menu was big, but lacked interesting or distinctive options. It seemed nearly identical with the takeout menu at Chopstix with similar prices. Service was not great as our waitress didn't seem to be acquainted with the menu and was corrected by a colleague about the availability of the dinner special at the time I was there. The ambience was poor, thanks in part to the aforementioned mounted TVs showing Sportscenter at high volume but also due to the strong fishy smell emanating from the sushi station. The soup was lukewarm and bland and a chicken entree was okay but certainly not good enough to compensate for the other deficiencies.

        Unless it improves substantially, Chan's Glatt seems unlikely to succeed, though a quality sit-down kosher Chinese place should be able to make it in Teaneck.

        1. re: Shaldag

          I am going to have to disagree with you on this. My family and I (11 people) went to Mr. Chan's Glatt to celebrate my mothers birthday last night. We are big Chopsitx fans, but we wanted to try this new place. They introduced for the first time last night, a Monday night buffet, which for seventeen dollars included all you can eat. General Tzo, Chicken with Broccoli,Beef w/ Mixed Veggies, Mini Eggrolls, Beef w/ green beans, Fried Rice, Lomain, and two different sushies. Many people got this buffet and were satisfied. As it was our first time at the restaurant, we wanted to try all of its items, and we were very pleased, all the food was very tasty, and for the amount of food it included, was well priced. The restaurant was willing to accommodate special orders without a hassle and the service was quick.
          Even people who did not get the buffet were happy, a cousin of mine got beef with broccoli, and the portions were large and the food tasty, it also included a wonton soup and sorbet. All and all a very good experience and for 11 people the bill came to 164$, slightly expensive but worth it for the amount of food one gets.

      2. We went with friends tonight and the results were mixed.

        On the upside...they got my order wrong, but replaced within 5 mintues with the correct dish. So the service was good.

        I had the tuna salad off the Japanese menu which was tasty, and looked great but the chile seasoning overwhelmed any taste of the fish. I also had the bird's nest dish. Friends had wonton soup which they liked (not too salty).

        I had the bird's nest, which looked great, but tasted average. Husband had hibachi chicken which looked and tasted good. He also ordered the ginger salad off the Japanese menu, and I felt that was a rip-off. It was a salad plate with lettuce, a few tomato slices and cuke slices just thrown together with the ginger dressing on the side.

        I would guess we will have to figure the few dishes they do well and stick with that.
        We'll go back.