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Jun 1, 2009 07:57 AM

Blue Hill Alternative

Obama date night screwed up my epic plans. Well, Obama date night and my own procrastinating. I have family in town this week and wanted to take them to Blue Hill but now they're all booked up for the week -- I assume due to the Presidential dining episode. At any rate, I wanted to find another local, sustainable, sort of place to take the family but I think I'm out of luck. I can't think of any other places besides Craft.

Any ideas?

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  1. Savoy, which is in Soho, is also a local, sustainable place. The food is delicious, and it is a family friendly place. It's located at 70 Prince Street.

    Chef/Owner Peter Hoffman can regularly be spotted at the Union Square Greenmarket, with his bike laden down with fresh produce for the day's menu.

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      Definitely will look into it! Thakns so much!

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        Thanks, I searched "local" and "blue hill" and didn't find this post. next time I'll do "locavore"

        1. re: zazamora

          The original locavore - Union Square Cafe. Haven't been in years. Have also read about Market Table, though have not been. Don't know how Savoy is these days. I went years ago when they first opened, then had a bad experience and stopped going. I may need to revisit Savoy. Might want to do a search of this Board to see if these are viable options . . .

          If you go to the Union Square Market early on a Saturday, just before the 8 AM open you will see many restaurants' staff shopping.

      2. Another option for farm-to-table cooking is mas (farmhouse).