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Caterer in west end GTA?

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I'm looking for a restaurant or individual to cater a gathering for about 40-50 people in early August. It'll be a casual backyard party and I want to be able to relax for once! Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. i was at a similar evet last year catered by the village butcher


    if you click services you'll find a sample catering menu

    1. La Petite France at Bloor and Islington does catering...

      1. I have used Pan Bagna Catering. I believe their website is www.panbagna.ca. Tracey can either do a full catering (for decent price) or drop off everything about 85% done and I usually finish it off when the guests arrive. I used her last summer two times and recommended her (with happy results) for Christmas parties.
        She is located in High Park but will travel anywhere GTA.