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Jun 1, 2009 07:36 AM

Varga Bar - 10th and Spruce

Have been here twice now.

Beer selection is close to unparalleled in Center City. All-American with many rarities. However, beer prices are on the high side (all pints at least $6).

Food, on the other hand, has run the gamut from excellent (confit wings - un-frickin-believable. literally fall-off-the-bone) to pretty good (crab cheese fries, kobe sliders) to mediocre (roast pork sandwich, brussels sprouts, kobe chili dog, spinach salad - $9 for a tiny plate!).

The cheese presentation is outstanding - for $5, a decent-sized serving of cheese accompanied by some amazing condiments.

I had very high hopes for this place given the beer list and owners (who own Mercato and Valanni), but, unless things improve, it'll only be beer and appetizers (cheese, fries, wings) here. Those wings alone are worth visiting for.

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  1. I had a similar experience. The beer selection was great, I liked the pickles and I wish I'd gotten cheese.

    The food was so meh that I won't return unless I'm not hungry though. The wings were dry & tough and I did not like the sauce. The 2 people who got the pork sandwich both said it was dry and not very good. The salad was tiny for $9 at a bar. The Oyster sandwich was small, and not not very good. The crab fries were just OK.

    Overall, it was just disappointing.