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Nice/New Green Bo

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Havien't been to the New (now Nice) Green Bo since the name change.
How is it?

If the quality isn't up to the standards of the old ("New") place, please recommend somewhere else of that ilk you can recommend (and in that same area of Chinatown.)


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  1. I went a few months back, and was not impressed at all by the soup dumplings. The other menu items are decent, but i'd stick to Shanghai cafe if you're looking for soup dumplings.

    1. Wasn't this only a name change, with the same owners? If so, food quality shouldn't change though I think you can do better at Shanghai Cafe on Mott north of Canal.

      1. sounds good maybe ill try it out, what do you get there?

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          I had hand-pulled noodles with seafood. The broth has a ton of star anise in it, so it's pho-ish. $6.50 for a big bowl, with clams, shrimp, fish ball, spinach, pickled vegetables, and pieces of cuttlefish so massive I thought they might be sea monsters.

          Just noticed you have a bit of an obsession with this John Woo stuff.


        2. I've eaten there twice in the past couple weeks. Soup dumplings were pretty spot on both times, and I preferred the pork to the pork and crab. Oh, I love the hot & sour.

          I tried a smattering of other dishes, but nothing was truly memorable. The wine chicken was somewhat interesting, but ultimately just tasted of cheap wine. A lot of other stuff comes out too saucy for my taste.

          It's really all about the dumplings.