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Jun 1, 2009 06:41 AM

looking for something something interesting in the south jersey pinelands area

We like to take some hikes down in the Pines- the Batsto area, or Parvin State Park, that kind of thing. Nothing too strenuous as we have a two- year- old with us. What I'm looking for is a place to stop on the way back for a casual, satisyfying bite or meal, somewhere that the locals go. Just something to add some local color to our day trip. We would be heading back to the Collingswood/Haddonfield area. A place that could accomodate us in our casual wear with a toddler. Someone mentioned to me the Pic a Lili Inn (spelling?), saying that they stop there when they take their motorcycle out for a ride. Can anyone recommend anything? Any kind of food is fine. Just want to have a true Jersey Pines day!

Thanks -

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  1. Try Lucille's in Warrens Grove rt 539 for that real Piney dining experience home style...

    "LUCILLE'S, Route 539, Warren Grove - For real down-home, country cooking, stop into Lucille's for breakfast or lunch one day soon. Located a few miles West of Garden State Parkway Southbound Exit 58, this is the locals' secret for no-frills, delicious cooking! The diner isn't fancy, in fact a flannel shirt, work boots and Carharts are more common here than any other garb. And if it's a cold Winter's day, be sure to order up a big bowl of Lucille's famous home-made chile and a buttered roll! There's always bound to be a barbecue special, as well. On this day, the barbecue pork was on the specials list, and a huge portion was presented, almost enough for two! Lucilles may be most noted for out-of-this world homemade pies - if you have room, be sure to order a slice! Of course, there are dozens of other items on the menu, but no matter what the choice, it's sure to be delicious, because it's made with love! 609-698-4474."

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      I've always wanted to stop at Lucilles, Tapas52. Is it good?

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        I like it...but then again, I only eat there after I've been out trail riding all day, sure hits the spot.

        but yeah, cold days, chili....great. and service is great too.

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          mschow ....Lucille's is ground zero for Piney cuisine...I always stop in when passing through the area...
          Lucille's has been there for years , nothing fancy, very casual, just an old style restaurant with really good home made comfort food at a very decent price. Homemade dishes, meat loaf, soups, super pies, ribs, & specials too the way it "used to be"...we usually stop on the way down to AC along Rt 539 to Tuckerton & GSP etc...Lucille is a gracious host and will come out and talk with customers all the time too.


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          What article or review are you citing/ quoting here? You forgot to note the source.

        3. Michelle: Not sure by what route you will be driving home, but attached is a link for places in the Pines. I found the list last year and saved it, but not sure how up to date it is as of now. Sweetwater Casino (on the list), is not far from Batso, but it burned down last summer. Allens Clam Bar is excellent, but it may be a bit out of the way. I have been to Pic-a-lille a few times: mainly for the wings, which are very good. They serve them boneless, in case you're interested. I also have had soup and salads there, which I remember were good. It's very casual, and they are child friendly. Location is on Route 206 N just north of Hammonton. There is also a pie shop/garden center south of where Pic-a-lille is (still in Hammonton towhship proper, I believe), that was featured on Al Rokers Best of Food show. Lots of bikers and hikers stop in there for a piece of pie. The pies are very good, sort of expensive, and they may actually serve food other than pies there. It's called The Red Barn Pie shop and cafe/Penzas Pies. Might be worth a call to see what they offer in the way of food. It's on the Northbound side of 206.
          If you are willing to go into Hammonton, I can strongly suggest stopping at Fiesta Mexicana which is on Main Street (Route 206 S) in Hammonton. They are child friendly, open for lunch, and the food is authentic and very good. When you leave there, you can go just about a mile south and get onto the AC Expressway to go home. Very easy.
          FWIW there is a BBQ stand on 206 N, around Tabernacle/Atco that is only open in the summer. I've always meant to stop there, but it's never been open when I've been out that way. Supposedly the BBQ is authentic (they do have a smoker). You can't eat there though. It's called The Kingfisher. Maybe someone else here can comment further on it. Good luck and let us know where you end up.

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            i lived in jersey 30 years ago north of previously mentioned in bayville is shady rest on rt 9 afforable and i remember great pizza

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              The Lower Bank Tavern on Route 542 in Lower Bank is a great place to stop for excellent burgers, steaks, fresh clams, etc.

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                I stopped at the Lower Bank recently and had a very good burger with fries. The service, provided by the woman who was also tending the bar adjacent to the dining area, was excellent and attentive. This is a *true* Pine Barrens tavern. Pretty much all local clientele, unpretentious, laid back.

            2. Wow- thanks for all the great ideas! I didn't think there would be anyone out there to care about Piney foods. We will definitely check out Lucille's and I have passed Penza's Pies before so I know where that is. Now we just have to get the weather to cooperate on a weekend. Or, maybe we should wait for the fall to really appreciate the chili!

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                I recommend Country Cupboard in Sweetwater (Mullica Township). The food is delicious, definitely local and cozy.