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Jury Duty--Where to get a sandwich??

I have Jury Duty today and probably should have posted this earlier since I'm leaving in an hour (and I'm guessing don't get wi-fi at the court house), but is there anywhere nearby to grab a sandwich or salad during my 1 hour lunch break?

I will be at the Moultrie Courthouse on Indiana Ave. Any thoughts?

(Btw I thought there was a thread on this already but I couldn't find anything)

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  1. There's an Au Bon Pain diagonally across from the courthouse. If you don't mind walking just a bit for something better, there's Teaism on 8th & D.

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      Perfect! Thanks so much Jaydreb.

    2. There is/was? a sandwich shop directly across the street from the courthouse. But usually, the person in charge of the jury pool will make an announcement at lunch time the places nearby where one can eat in the time allotted. Or you can ask him/her.

      1. There are a couple of Firehook Bakerys- 441 4th St. NW (Judiciary Sq) and one at 401 F St NW (Bldg Museum)

        1. Thanks for these recommendations. Looks like I'm going to get to know this area quite well---I was placed on a jury that will probably be in court for the next 6 days. (Civic duty...blah, blah, blah). The other jurors were telling me that Tangy Sweet isn't too far away...that will be a nice treat :)

          1. the cafeteria in the close-by federal courthouse has excellent southern veggies -- and their mains are good, too. try the spinach. you'll want it every day!

            1. Potato Valley is also nearby, but I forget the exact intersection. They have great baked potatoes and good sandwiches.

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                Oooo that's right. I've been wanting to check out Potato Valley and I know it's one of your old favorites from Annapolis.

                That's where I'll go tomorrow. The past 2 days I've been going to the restaurant at 3rd and E...where they train the unemployed with cooking skills, plus they roast a whole turkey each day. The sandwiches are very good.

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                  Checked out Potato Valley today. Holy goodness!!! I got the spinach, feta, and garlic potato. It was very, very good. I didn't know they put all the salad stuff in there and would have prefered it without some of the lettuce and banana peppers. But they were easy enough to take off with my fork.

                  The potato was perfectly cooked and really yummy with the topping. Possibly not the healthiest choice, but I think I will be returning because the blue cheese and broccoli potato looked really good. There is very little seating in the restaurant, but I was able to score a small in door seat. Great lunch! Thanks for the recommendation ktmoomau.

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                    Oooh the broccoli and blue cheese... just the thought of it and the cuban chicken make me want to have a case in DC or work in the state house in Annapolis again. I am really jealous. Why can't they stay open for dinner, even just one night a week!

                    They don't use sour cream, I think they maybe use greek yogurt or some mix that is slightly better for you, but it still can't be healthy. They have good sandwiches too. Oh and one time they gave my office (I had to go pick up lunch for the amendment office daily because I was low man on the totem, but they didn't know this meant I got free potatoes because of the frequent buyer card) a whole thing of free cookies and blondies because we had to work all sorts of overtime that session and they felt bad for us. That was wonderful. Sorry now I am just reminiscing and salivating.

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                      I can see why...it was super good. I think I might go back today....but after that I'm calling quits. I need to be eating salads for the rest of the trial in order to resist the urge of the mighty potato!

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                        This restaurant's concept seems so 1992 to me...back when everyone thought baked potatoes were so healthy for them (even if they were putting fatty toppings on it)

                        1. re: Jacey

                          Have you been?

                          They really don't pretend to be healthy at all. Now they have a vegas location, but it really was always more that they were right by government buildings, filling, pretty cheap and very tasty. It really is a place that I am surprised not more people go to. It's on Washingtonian as a hidden cheap eat gem, but I think just gets overlooked often. Probably do to restrictive hours (although the same applies to the Greek Deli and Breadline). The one in Annapolis gets very busy from law firms and state house employees. They do have a lot of veggies on top, but not in a healthy way per say just more of a crunch and added freshness.

                          I always wonder how they get the potatoes so good though. Chicken out has similar but not as good potatoes but I can never get mine at home to taste as good. I need their secret.

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                            I agree with ktmoomau. They are not pretending to be a health food restaurant at all.

                            I went again today and got the broccoli and blue cheese potato. SO delicious! And trust me---I had no illusions that I was putting anything healthy in to my body. But it was delicious just the same.

                2. The bar at 701 has a great deal and you can easily get in and out in under an hour.

                  1. I spent quite a while on jury duty last year, and I routinely went to the fabulous cafeteria at the National Museum of the American Indian. It's a pretty short walk, just be sure to leave the courthouse asap to have enough time. There is usually no wait at the museum during the weekday.

                    1. On the 600 block of Indiana Avenue, there is this carryout restaurant (with some seating on their second level). I forget the name, but I've eaten there a couple of times. They make some exceptional, hand-tossed gourmet salads with meat. Very quick.

                      Also, there is a Jack's carryout at 625 Indiana Avenue, inside an office building. It is a Korean-owned restaurant with an excellent grill and hot foods bar. Service is very fast here, as well.

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                        I'm curious about this salad place. Can you try to remember the name? Is it reasonable? Open on weekends? I'm always looking for a good/cheap salad in that area.

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                          Any updates? I'm starting jury duty tomorrow. :(. Vegetarian friendly options (looks like there are a few above) are particularly welcome. Have to say, I'm skeptical about these museum cafeterias but will look.

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                            Look through thread for ideas. There is a sandwich shop near by that's ok (I forget the name) but have the most amazing turkey, cheese and bacon sandwich. Get it!

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                              That really WOULD be an amazing turkey, cheese and bacon sandwich if it was vegetarian!

                              1. re: DanielK

                                SimonF didn't say veg options exclusively. Might as well go for the grand if you're in the area.

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                              You should go to Potato Valley at least once. SO delicious!!