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Jun 1, 2009 06:27 AM

Great Cake Designers/Bakeries in Manhattan?

I need a great birthday cake for 10 (by Saturday) with an Elvis themed design. It needs to be delicious as well as nicely designed and not extremely expensive. We are new to Manhattan and would really appreciate all suggestions. Ideally, it would be a Midtown location rather than the upper west or upper east sides or Brooklyn.

Many, many thanks!

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  1. This is technically in Long Island City, but they deliver. They did a wonderful job on a football theme cake recently without any compromise on deliciousness.

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      Thanks so much! Would love more suggestions from any and all!

    2. I recall another poster having had a theme cake made at Two Little Red Hens - don't know if they would do Elvis, but couldn't hurt to ask. They are on the UES, but, they might deliver. I can't think, off hand, of any midtown bakeries. Might be worth calling Amy's Bread though, in the 40s, I think.

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      1. Ruthy's in Chelsea Market makes beautiful, beautiful, custom designed cakes. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how they taste.

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        1. Cupcake Café makes beautiful cakes. They taste fine, though I wouldn't say they're outstanding. You can see their work at

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            I agree that Cupcake Cafe has great designs. I had them create a design of Calvin and Hobbes playing volleyball for my brother's birthday a few year back and the design was fantastic. They're cakes a pretty good. I ordered the cake from their 9th avenue site, but they also have one on 18th b/w 6th and 5th.

          2. If you want to have a picture of Elvis imposed on a sheet cake.

            They do a great job at:
            Cakes & Shapes
            (212) 629-5512
            466 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

            I had a newspaper themed cake for my husband's birthday with pictures from his life on the cake.

            The chocolate cake is very good and moist.

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              Thanks to all of you helpful people!!!