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Al Carbon

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In general, I trust that restaurants on the Washingtonian cheap eats lists will fall above the bar; that I can count on a great quality meal. So what is Al Carbon doing on this list?

I was excited to try the arepas. They were terrible. If you want a great arepa, go to Caracas Arepas Bar in NY. Here, the filling tasted like wet dog food. Literally. The guacamole was a bad, one-note app, overpowered by onion. The chips were freshly, but inexpertly fried, dripping with grease.

Quesadilla: bland, heavy. Terrible. Pabellon: stringy, bland. Terrible.

I spent 50 dollars at this "cheap eat," just trying to find something edible. No luck.

That places like Urban BBQ and Cava are out, and this in, is absolutely mind-boggling.

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  1. I've NEVER seen a car in their parking lot (including this past Saturday at 7pm...prime weekend dining time)....