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Jun 1, 2009 05:37 AM

Old Montreal breakfast

Help, please... I'm in Montreal once a month; my home base is Old Montreal. Same pattern every time: I go to Eggspectations on St. Jacques, regret it deeply, wander around, find nothing, end up at IGA supermarket buying yogurt. I'm embarrassed to admit it happened again this morning.

There must be a decent breakfast option within walking distance of, say, the cathedral.... Suggestions?

PS - Today's Eggspectations disaster involved a server who pretended I wasn't sitting there. After waving and trying to make eye contact for 20 minutes, I bolted.

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  1. Ick, Eggspectations!

    Have you tried Olive & Gourmando on St-Paul and Le Cartet on McGill? Not sure if le Cartet does brunch on weekdays & Olive & Gourmando is closed Sun & Mon. And there's always dim sum in Chinatown (Kam Fung or Ruby Rouge).

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      Cartet doesn't have their great week-end brunch menu during the week, but they do have breakfast menu that is still very satisfying. Both good classics suggested above, worth the detour. Depends what you are expecting for breakfast, but if you don't want to go to far, Claude Postel (, croissant and other breakfast pastries, is simple, quick and pretty good.

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        Thesolodiner: Speaking of poor waiters, I've had one too many bad experiences with inattentive waiters at Le Cartet. Their food and atmosphere are top notch, their service much less. Their take-out food also isn't memorable, so make sure you sit down and enjoy their weekend brunch the fully appreciate it.

    2. You can also check out Holder at 407 McGill street, Reservations: 514 - 849 - 0333

      Also not too far from Old Montreal is Griffintown and I quite enjoy their brunch.

      1378, rue Notre Dame O.

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        Note that the OP is looking for breakfast not brunch. I don't know about Griffintown Cafe, but Holder opens at 11:30am on weekdays and 10am on weekends. That's not very convenient for breakfast.

      2. I would try Le Cartet on McGill or try this one - they have great pastries...

        Restaurant À Propos
        300 Rue Notre-Dame E
        Montréal, QC H2Y

        1. You've got some good suggestions above. I'd also add Café Santé Veritas.

          1. how about the titanic on st-pierre

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              i also recommend olive and gourmando; le cartet but for more options try

              jardins du nelson especially hidden terrace in back, they have music on weekend but check times if that interests you

              pierre calvet, when i went with family, service was good and it has a charm of old world but better to have company than dine alone as very quiet place with those thick stone walls