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Jun 1, 2009 05:12 AM

Norabella - Cape Cod

I was visiting the Cape over Memorial Day weekend and noticed a grand opening for a new Italian restaurant on Rte 28 in West Dennis called Norabella. (I believe the place used to be a small breakfast/lunch diner.) I just found their website below:

Has anyone been to this restaurant yet? What were your impressions?
It looks like a small menu which could be a good thing - allowing the chef to focus on quality ingredients and quality preparation.

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  1. Wow, this is the second new spot opening, Lyric and Norabella. I might be too loyal but I love Gerardi's. I called and spoke to the owner. He used to be the head chef at Il Maestro. Man, I would have loved a great Indian Restaurant instead...I do wish him a lot of luck.

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      Looks like Norabella has opened in Gerardi's original location. Has to be a tough go with so few tables. Was never really impressed with Il Maestro but as you, I wish him luck. Not sure what to expect of Lyric yet, although the sign reads, "Contemporary American Cuisine -Dinner".

    2. Norabellas is a small place, about 34 seats. Charming and somewhat intimate, though a little bright. The menu was small but well balanced as was the wine list. The food generally was very good. Some of it excellent. SOme could have been better. The chef came out towards the end and was appreciative of a few points of criticism. Great upbeat service. Timing of meals was excellent. Pricing was in line of quality. I think as they get a little more experiance, this will be one of the Cape's great little finds.

      1. OK... this place has been open for almost a year now.
        Is it still open?
        Anyone been?

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          It was open last week...I liked it dining partner, my daughter, not so much. She prefers Girardis/.