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Jun 1, 2009 03:47 AM

Would like to give my dad a gift for Father's Day-RDU area

Hi All!
I think this is the first time I have posted. I would like to give my father and his girlfriend a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant in the Raleigh/Durham area for Father's Day. I will be spending $100 and have been looking online for a nice place where they can get a consistently good dinner and drinks for around that price. I had considered The Angus Barn but after reading what was written here, now I am not so sure. I live in Charlotte so I am not familiar with the RDU area. Does anyone have a decent, upscale, consistently good food and service, dressy, CLEAN -and in a safe area- restaurant that they can recommend? Maybe a steak and seafood place?
Many thanks!!

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  1. Angus Barn is a fine place for a good steak, really. Bin 54 in Chapel Hill is really excellent, but a steak dinner for 2 there will go over your budget. The place next door to Bin 54 (literally) is also excellent and you can find it if you google "recession dinners".

    Coquette or J.Betskis or Zely and Ritz would all be nice places to use a gift in Raleigh.

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      18 Seaboard fits your requirements well nice attractive room, good service, good menu that should be interesting for most dinners. And, if they do not go crazy on the wine should be within the price limits.

      Coquette's and J.Betskis are fine restaurants but your farther and girlfriend may find Coquette's being french and j.Betskis being Polish/German a bit limiting.

      Zely and Ritz has a very small menu and if they do not enjoy one of the four items on the menu that night they are out of luck. The one time I went I walked out because the menu only included turkey, pork chop and brisket all in the $20 range (not including sides).

    2. Does it matter if it's in Raleigh or Durham? If it's Raleigh, do they like going downtown or are the suburbs preferable.

      I'm thinking 18 Seaboard or Frazier's (both sort of downtown). And I do love Coquette (North Hills).

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        Let's not forget The Pit in Raleigh and Watt's Grocery in Durham, though none of the suggestions are a bum steer.

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          Hi, Roux.

          I say go with your original idea of the Angus Barn. Everyone should go at least once. I've been many times. The food has always been very good and the service excellent. Sometimes the food is outstanding. A meal there is an experience. I think Angus Barn fits your criteria very nicely. If you want to spend more check out the chef's table, the captain's table, and other special events on their website. We went to the seafood dinner last year, and it was excellent - at least a couple of steps up from their standard menu. Also, there is a special Father's Day buffet for $39 each. We've attended their Thanksgiving buffet and enjoyed it very much. I say send them to the Barn. Everyone should go at least once! (I have no personal stake in the Angus Barn, but my husband did grow up with the owner.)