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Jun 1, 2009 03:33 AM


Any CH Recs for Gainsville? I will be there this weekend need need recs for Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner. Thanks all and happy eating!

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  1. GainEsville has a lot of food choices - kind of depends on price range and the kind of cuisine you're looking for. Emiliano's downtown has great tapas and latin american food. If you take the drive out to Newberry, Newberry's Backyard BBQ has some of the best barbecue around. I like Bento and Matsuri for asian/sushi. Sisters in Haile Plantation is great for breakfast and small plates at night. Mildred's Big City Food is great for lunch. (Dinner, too, but it's pricy.) Or try the accompanying New Deal Cafe - same owners, less expensive. I also like Bistro 1245, and Leornardo's 706; owned by the same people, the numbers refer to their addresses on University Ave. Bistro is the more casual option. Good luck!

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      I second Sisters for breakfast. It's in Haile Village which is a very cute area and they have some great menu options that you won't see everywhere else. Another place thats great is the 43rd St. Deli and Breakfast. You wouldn't guess by the appearance (it's a dive) but it's always packed. For lunch I like Bistro 1245 too. Great sandwiches/paninis. For dinner Dragonfly is good sushi and pretty reasonable prices with a great atmosphere right downtown. Be prepared to wait though b/c it's always busy.

    2. We've always had good food at Ballyhoos

      1. Blondie is pretty accurate...also try Paramount downtown. Mark's for steaks

        1. More specifically the best sandwich shop and Gelato?