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Jun 1, 2009 02:02 AM

Pizza on the grill?

I see recipes for grilling pizza and I am so tempted to try...but am hesitant to try. (ok, call me chicken). Has anyone grilled pizza on their outside grill and have it work? Please share your experiences, advice and recipes.

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  1. Yes but I have a BGE. Ceramic cookers are perfect for pizza. Not something I would have tried on a gas grill.

    1. Yes, I love pizza on the grill. I have used both gas and my Weber charcoal. I grill one side, flip and top the pizza while I grill the bottom. I like simple pizzas like brushed with olive oil, slices of fresh tomato, buffalo mozarella and basil. I haven't done it with a heavy tomato sauce.

      1. I do it all the time. I have found however simpler topping works best. Heavy sauced with lots of cheese and other toppings don't get done to my liking. But here are my tips.

        I brush both sides with garlic olive oil, my favorite. I just heat up a couple of garlic cloves in oil is all I do or you can buy some, If you don't like garlic don't worry. Just my favorite. Grill the one side just until light grill marks and a good grill color. Flip and grill just 30 seconds or so to set the oil on the second side. Now remove and top your pizza. I do this so the bottom doesn't get overdone while topping my pizza. I top it and put back on the grill. Put the cover down and cook 4-5 minutes and check. I do this over medium to medium low heat. I have also used a charcoal grill as well.

        The simpler the ingredients the better I think.

        NOTE: I like sauce if any first, cheese second, toppings third. fresh mozz is best, grated parm is great or any other grated cheese, pesto is a great base, tomato sauce, or a simple bechemel sauce works good too.

        Also, if using onions, mushrooms or seafood or meats I do cook ahead, peppers too. I don't cook long, just until tender crisp the vegetables. Meats and seafood should be cooked.

        Since you have olive oil and garlic on it already top with fresh tomato slices, arugula, olives sliced and fresh mozz

        Also, mushrooms, onions, peppers and fresh mozz and parm

        A bechemel topped with shredded fontina and parm then fresh spinach, shrimp and mushrooms is really good

        Classic tomato with fresh basil olives, goat cheese, artichokes, proscuitto and capers

        Carmelized onions, pears (just tried a pizza like that which was from a fellow CH) excellent. My original one has brie with arugula. His had gorgonzola and walnuts with honey. What a treat.

        Bechemel, spinach, onions, chicken

        Pesto, with goat cheese, olives, fresh tomato slices, onions and salami

        BBQ sauce is great as a base with chicken, mushrooms, creamy mozzarella and monterey jack with onions and green peppers

        Use your imagination, grilled pizzas are fun. My suggestion ... and I really recommend it. I bought a pillsbury crust and cut the roll in half and tried grilling it. Just the crust so I got and idea how the crust cooked. These were my test pizzas so they were just experiments but I'm glad I did them. I burnt the first one, the second one I figured out. It was worth the 2 bucks to try it.

        But remember, for me less is better on the grill, light bases, simpler topping, concentrate on good cheese, but heavy heavy cheese on the grill doesn't work as good for me. I like fresh ingredients on it.

        One more thing ... pizza stone. Mine is a cheap walmart stone and have used it many times in the oven and grill for over 8 yrs. But a few others have mentioned problems on the grill. Not sure what to tell you on that. But I was making grilled fish, pizza as the appetizer and grilled veggies so using the grill was good for all. My pizza stone was a great warmer and cooker for the shrimp after the pizza came off and also warmed the bread up.

        BBQ Pizza parties are a lot of fun. Get a bunch of fresh ingredients and go buy pizza dough and your local pizza restaurant and just make small pizzas everyone can top themselves. It is a lot of fun to do. Some fresh salads and pizzas for all.

        Enjoy, I hope I have helped.

        1. There was a long thread about this last week, with a lot of discussion about literally on the grill versus on some sort of stone. I grill pizza often.

          Some people remove the pizza from the grill, top it and then put it back. I simply flip the thing, put on sauce, season it, put on toppings and go. In either case, having your prep done and organized is very important.

          One trick is to keep the temperature moderate. Another is to undercook the first side - after you spray or wipe it with oil, just cook until it's firm, not until it's toasted. Then spray or wipe the top, flip - using your hands will become the norm but most people start with tongs - and you can cook that side longer.

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            Definitely that is why I mentioned I flip for just a few minutes to set the oil on the top and them remove just to put everything on. This way the kids can help and it is easier to do not over the top of the grill. I top and then cook.

          2. Pizza cooked on the grill is, i think, much more flavorful than oven-baked. I use a regular old weber kettle and lump charcoal. You need a lot of coal to get the stone hot and to sustain a high temperature if you're doing multiple pies (know your vents). Use plenty of corn meal or polenta on the peel; opt for a thinner crust.
            Spread your coal evenly to avoid hot spots. The first time I tried it I left a mound in the center, which charred my bottom crust (still ate it, natch). Also, give your stone ample time to heat up; 30 minutes is probably safe. All of my grilled pizza mishaps have arisen from uneven heat. Be prepared to stoke your grill with more coal if you're having a party.
            Don't worry, it's worth it.

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              HAHHAHA Dig the avitar! Can I get a Jackalope pie? :)
              Sound advice on the charcoal as well. Making Paella and Pizza both consume a fair amount of lump charcoal.