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May 31, 2009 11:47 PM

Need a restaurant recommendation-Los Feliz

I live on the Westside and will be near Vermont and Melrose Thursday. I always hear about great restaurants near this part of town. I'm a total foodie and need help to decide where to go. I never get to this part of town, so if you had to suggest "the one" restaurant, where would you go? All ideas welcome!!!!!

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  1. Buca on Melrose and Western
    Mandaloun/Carousel in East Hollywood
    Jitlada on Sunset

    1. Vermont (appropriately located on Vermont) is very nice. Little Dom's on Hillhurst has good food and a lively crowd. And Blair's on Rowena is very good as well. I think those three places are the best overall choices in the neighborhood.

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        Little Dom's has never impressed, I'm sorry to say. The food always seemed uninspired. The atmosphere is cool tho. Great for drinks.

        1. re: echoparkdirt

          I tried to like Little Dom's, but after a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs that tasted exactly like chef boyardees (including the mushiness of the noodles and flavorlessness of the meat) I think I won't ever give it another shot. Anyway, I'd rather go to mozza for pizza.

          What is disappointing to me is that the servers don't know how or from whom the raw ingredients (like beef) are sourced. But most restaurants are like that.

        2. re: perk

          A dozen of us had dinner at Little Dom's on May 30. Service was superb, food was extraordinary, atmosphere was Squaresville at its best, price was way under $50/person plus alcohol.

          What we ate (dinner arranged by a wonderful friend):

          *Appetizers to Share*
          Grilled Artichoke
          Escarole Salad
          Baked Ricotta and Biellese Soppresatta

          *Entrees to Share*
          Pappardelle with Shrimp
          Gnocchi Fritto
          Whitefish Piccatta

          *Sides to Share*
          Fried Potatoes
          Grilled Asparagus
          Sauteed Spinach
          Heirloom Carrots

          *Desserts to Share*
          Gelato Trio
          Strawberry Frulatto
          Torta Della Nonna

          We left the restaurant completely stuffed and happy.


          1. re: cristina

            I like it there, too. Have had very nice food, excellent service, and really reasonable prices. It's a terrific, neighborhood place that it is fun to frequent on a regular basis.

        3. Cha Cha Cha is 3 blocks away. There is Marouch on Santa Monica near Normandie.

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          1. We haven't been yet, but Barbrix in Silver Lake seems to be getting lots of good buzz

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                Barbrix is getting stellar reviews and not one pan, that I have seen. To bad the other recently opened place in Silver Lake, by the RESEVOIR can not say the same!

            1. Cliff's Edge - great food and ambiance.