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May 31, 2009 11:01 PM

Places for Japanese dishware and glassware?

I'm preferably looking for something in the Los Angeles area. We had previously bought some fantastic mugs and bowls at the Mitsuwa located in Torrance, but unfortunately the shop in that market doesn't seem to carry the items we had bought anymore. Wondering if there are better options that are closer in proximity.

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  1. The place I like for stuff like you're looking for is Rafu Bussan, 326 East Second Street, Los Angeles 90012 in Little Tokyo. It's one of the older businesses in the area and the ladies who work there are very helpful. They still gift wrap for free (for a clumsy clod like me it's a plus). Phone is 213-614-1181. They close at 6pm and they're closed one day during the week (which I've forgotten) so you'd better call first.

    1. Here are a couple threads with recommendations:

      And newer:

      If you are looking for modern Asian, stop in at one of the larger World Markets as well, they have some pretty things.

      1. Try Rafu Bussan in Little Tokyo.
        Large selection of mugs and bowls. Ask for Carol.

        326 E 2nd St Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (213) 614-1181
        (Closed Wednesdays)

        1. There is a shop where the old Mitsuwa market was, 3rd and Alameda. Their stuff is more everyday use while Rafu Busan is nicer stuff.

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            They're still there, Utsuwa-No-Yakata

            Little Tokyo Galleria Market
            333 S. Alameda St.
            1 hour free parking and $10 purchase anywhere gets you 2 hours free parking.

          2. Much thanks everyone, I'll be checking out these spots in my free hours this week!

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              There was also some Japanese place mentioned downtown but I can't find that thread now!