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May 31, 2009 10:57 PM

Peaches in wine?

I vaguely remember one of my uncles having a jar of fresh peaches "preserved" in what I kind of remember as white wine. I think the peaches were halved and pitted and then simply stored in the wine.
Am I on to something or was he just trying to make his cheap wine taste better? If I'm right about this, what kind of wine should I use? Should I add sugar or maybe a simple syrup? How long should they sit/marinate? Just a shot in the dark. If anything, it'll make my cheap wine taste better.

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  1. i think it depends on if you want to eat the fruit, or just drink the wine. if the idea is to infuse the fruit, then heating the liquid and pouring it over the peaches to macerate is best. you can use all sorts of spices, like vanilla, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, etc. to do this, but the heat will kill the wine. this is better done with a spirit, like brandy, bourbon or vodka.

    if the idea is just to infuse the booze, then you need a room temp soak, preferably in a dark spot, undisturbed, with a solid seal on the bottle, but the peaches will taste nasty. use a wine that tastes ok to begin with -- a 2 buck chuck is still gonna taste like a peachy, but crappy, 2 buck chuck. try a semillon, sauvignon blanc or a white rhone, which would typically have stone fruit aromas anyway.

    adding sugar or simple syrup isn't necessary, unless you want to switch direction and make white sangria! no sugar, but add a bit of brandy to the wine and fruit. let it sit at least over night, and serve over ice with a splash of ginger ale or sprite.

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      Well said. I have done the peaches that I wanted to eat, I cut in quarters and then infused with a white wine and brandy mix, heated and poured over. I added some star anise and ginger I think, and cloves. Don't remember exactly. I used a good dry white wine.

      I have also flavored the white wine. I used a good dry and let the beaches sit in the jar for the day before I served them. Good and flavorful. I put. I topped it off when I served it with club soda and fresh mint. and kept the peaches in the serving pitcher. But for presentation. I froze a fresh slice of peach and a mint sprig and froze ice cubes. Makes a pretty presentation.