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May 31, 2009 06:40 PM

Vietnam Cafe - Telford

We tried the Vietnam Cafe in Telford for the first time Friday. Neither of us has ever eaten vietnamese food before. I tried #46 - traditional fare - chicken and lemongrass, which is served with rice. My wife is not very adventurous, so she asked if they would substitute rice for the vermicelli, on the dish of grilled chicken with vermicelli. They said no. She ordered it and, while she liked the chicken and the sauce that came with it, she didn't like the rice vermicelli ( I think because it isn't the pasta cooked al dente that she's used to eating). I enjoyed my dish. Couple of questions for those folks more familiar with this cuisine. What are the sauces that are on the lazy susan on the table. What would you recommend my wife try since it's obvious she's not going to order the vermicelli again. I'm game for just about anything, but I have a problem with really spicy dishes - for instance, I cannot eat kimchi, it just sets my mouth on fire and I don't enjoy that feeling. I can deal with most schezuan dishes and prefer fish, chicken or pork. Looking for some help with where to go next on vietnamese food!

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  1. I'm always glad to hear of someone trying the place, because I like it so much. Okay. About your wife and the rice vermicelli when she wanted rice: next time, why not order #45 (grilled chicken on rice), or maybe grilled shrimp on broken rice? They have several dishes with rice.
    The things on the lazy susan: well, one is sriricha (the tall bottle with green cap), which is sort of like asian ketchup. It's sweet and garlicky, and a little hot. The one in the jar with writing on it is sambal, or chili paste with garlic. The funky-looking dark one in an unmarked clear container is pretty hot, but delicious. There's also fish sauce (labled). Any of those are nice to add to that little bowl of sweet/sour stuff they give you to put on your food. I've tried a lot of their food, and never had anything very spicy (unless I spice it up myself), so not to worry there. Your wife might also like the vietnamese egg rolls, or maybe even the spring rolls (though those aren't fried, and maybe she'd be uncomfortable with that). I hope many delicious meals await you there.

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      It's been years since I actually ate there, but regularly got take-out, that is until a recent layoff. I will be back, though. My wife absolutely loves the #45, grilled chicken & rice. The sauce that comes with it is sweet and makes the dish. From the sounds of it, I think it would be a great candidate for your wife. The spring rolls are another must-have for my wife and me. They have the rice noodles in them, but the taste is fresh and clean. An order (#27) is 3 rolls and my wife and I have to be careful not to eat more than our fair share of the peanut sauce (not like Thai sauce, but perfect for these rolls) because it's so good.
      I really like the chicken & ginger (#47) which is spicier, but in no way overwhelming. It's become my go-to dish there and keeps well as leftovers for a little lunch the next day. Of course, your co-workers may look at you funny when they smell it, but it is de-lovin'-licious.
      I'm glad you liked it there, and highly encourage you to try it again.

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