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May 31, 2009 05:41 PM

Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious sweet and savory cottage cheese - lemon verbena berry, sundried tomato pesto, etc

In time for summer Rachel's is launching nation-wide distribution of their new flavored cottage cheese.

Other flavors
- Cucumber Dill *
- Roasted Red Pepper*
- Pomegranate Orange Cranberry,
- Pear Mangosteen*

I bought the flavors with an asterisk * since those were the only available flavors.

So far I only tried the lemon verbena berry. Like yogurt, the flavor is on the bottom to be mixed in. Mixing turned this a pretty pale purple. The taste is light more lemon verbena with berry background. It is not as sweet as I would expect and not as solid as some cottage cheese.

Here's a blog which did a nice writeup on the roasted red pepper

It was pleasant with mixed fresh berries and cherries. I don't know if I'd tag it as Rachel's calls it "wickedly delicious. However it is a pleasant change.

Rachel's let the copy writers go to town though ...

"The word for fragrant dill comes from the Norse "dylle" meaning to "calm, sooth or lull."

"Born in Genoa, Italy, pesto sauce is a luxurious combination of basil, garlic, pine nuts, grated Parmesan cheese and olive oil"

"Refreshingly tangy and tart cranberries are also called "bounce berries" due to their bounce-ability when ripe."

And on and on.

It is wickedly expensive though. It was on sale this week - $1.50 for 5 oz.

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  1. I had the pear mangosteen today.

    The flavors for most part are very muted. The sweet taste comes through most, but it is not overly sweet. I would think if you didn't know what flavor it was, you couldn't identify it. However, they do pair nicely with fresh fruit.

    There was a minimal piece or two of chopped pear and a slight tang from the mangosteen. I didn't have pears at home today, but it was nice with some fresh white raspberries. I might buy this again when I have a nice pear to see how they taste together. On its own ... no. It is fine, but not outstanding.

    1. Cucumber Dill was lunch today.

      I like the savory better than the sweet. They don't overdo the dill flavor. As with all I've tried there is really just enough flavor without being overpowering or cloying. This had a flavor a little like tzaziki. I'd buy it again for lunch. It has a little more oomph than plain cottage cheese.

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        I tried the tomato/pesto flavor a couple of months ago, when they first launched the cups were $1. Pretty tasty, and I appreciated that it didn't taste overly salty.

      2. Finished off the last of my stash today ... Roasted Red Pepper

        I liked this the least, mainly because the many bits of chopped red pepper tasted like canned pimento which I don't like flavor-wise.

        1. I have tried the Sundried Tomato Pesto, and the Roasted Red Pepper. Love the savory taste of both! I will be trying the sweet cottage cheeses as well. I saw on Rachel's web site that they have very unique flavors of yogurt. They are not carried in my area, but I would be very interested in trying them--especially the Lavendar Honey.

          1. I really love just plain cottage cheese with a little mayo and tomatoes. However cottage cheese, surprisingly, has a ton of sodium! Sorry.. who needs to send their blood pressure into next week. Best to make your own, to stay away from all processed foods.

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            1. re: spm

              Thank you for your opinion. However, this thread is about a specific brand.