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May 31, 2009 04:16 PM

Jar for pickling


My dad is looking for a large (about 10 liter) container for pickling cabbage. Do you know where I can get something like that? I found something online for 140$, but would like something cheaper.


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  1. How about a large Rubber Maid container or a garbage can? I know many people that make saurkraut in garbage cans. I look for pickle crocks at garage sales.

    1. Or new heavvy plastic buckets? We have a bunch of them that we use for olives, my hubby drilled a lot of holes in one extra lid so I can use it like a strainer to drain and rinse them. He got a few of them from a bakery (he does commercial refrigeration, got the ones the pie fillings came in from his bakery ladies)

      1. Go to and type PICKLE JAR in the search box. The should bring up exactly what you are looking for at a price of $20 - $30.

        1. Thank you, everybody! Will get on ordering right away!