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EMP - Need Lunch Suggestions

Dining at EMP for the first time tomorrow. Did a search of this Board. Only caveat is I don't eat red meat. Welcome suggestions for lunch.


I will report back on my experience. Many thanks.

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  1. Menu looks great.. many seafood choices.
    All new menu items since I was last there.

    1. Totally new menu but the Octopus always rocks.


      1. I'm not sure you can go wrong but I can comment on the TĂȘte de Cochon and Seared Atlantic Skate. The terrine, if it is the same as the one I tasted, was delicious and paired nicely with vegetables. It's a nice portion as well. That said, the Carrot VeloutĂ© with Hawaiian Blue Prawns stands out to me the most on the app list. For the main course, I see they are offering skate with the lemon and parsley as opposed to the halibut I had. I'm sure it would be just as good with skate (if not more interesting) because the preparation and accompanying lemon are both perfect. If you're looking for a light, fresh, spring lunch plate, that would be it.

        Have fun tomorrow! :)

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          thanks, canadianbaconette and roze. I really like skate so that may be the way to go.

          I'm really looking forward to it :)

        2. I went a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the Carrot Veloute and the Suckling Pig. While I didn't try either, the skate and the snapper both received positive reviews from my parents.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions.

            I had lunch for the first time at EMP today. I arrived a little early for my reservation and seating area up front was a very comfortable place to wait. The hostess graciously seated me on the top level in the back so I had a view of the trees in the park as well as the entire room. The room is gorgeous (I'll spare you the descriptive details since I'm sure there are photos on their website). Pussywillows and flowers made the room feel like it was filled with Spring. Service was excellent (thanks, Kirk and staff). The $28 two course prix fixe lunch is a fabulous deal and I was surprised there were some empty tables. That said, we are in a recession and it's Monday.

            Now on to the food:

            I sipped chamomile tea and nibbled on french baguette and olive rolls with country butter while I reviewed the menu. The butter was the perfect temperature and salt was placed on the table ensuring I would avoid two of my pet peeves (hard butter and begging for salt).

            *Carrot veloute with Hawaiian blue prawns, vadouvan (a mixture of spices with oil, and fried onions used for adding a smoky flavor) and creme fraiche. Not sure what the crunchy garnish was (the vadouvan? toasted wheatberries?) but it was delicious. The soup was delicious.

            *Foie gras terrine with cherries, lemon balm, and sicilian pistacios, accompanied by thick, toasted, cherry brioche. I usually prefer my foie gras seared but this terrine was presented beautifully and was delicious. The toasted cherry brioche was spectacular. I appreciate that the kitchen accomodated my request for the foie gras. This was an additional charge of $34 and made my first meal at EMP more memorable. Especially appreciated the complimentary glass of Zweigelt Kracher, Beerenauslese, Burgenland, Australia 2003 which was a perfect pairing for the foie gras terrine.

            *Seared Atlantic skate with Meyer lemon, capers and parsley. I like skate and it was seared perfectly on the outside and cooked just right on the inside. Really enjoyed the Meyer lemon sauce and caper berries. Wasn't too keen on the rose bud shaped potato?/parsley/mustard garnish. I don't think I'm a big mustard person.

            I had a glass of chardonnay with my main course. I took a look at the dessert cart and my willpower held. A fabulous lunch in a lovely setting, a great value at $28 (unless you're not careful with tea, wine and foie gras like me).

            PS Now I understand why EMP is RGR's favorite restaurant :)


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              Fantastic! I was thinking about you today and hoping you would have a good lunch. I'm glad to hear it went well, even if you foolishly refused dessert. Silly. :)

              I read your note about the rose bud shaped potato?/parsley/mustard garnish on your fish. I felt a question mark, too! They must make an additional pairing because it's lunch and not part of 5 courses? That's what I'm guessing, anyway. I am not much of a mustard person, either. Whatever which way, I'm glad you liked it. I think the fish and lemon combo is outstanding at EMP.

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                The desserts didn't really appeal to me (all cake or pie) . . .maybe I was too full or am just partial to Falai's desserts. Perhaps EMP's desserts are different at dinner.

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                  I was just teasing about dessert. I am known to have a sweet tooth (okay, okay, sweet teeth, all of them!) so I cannot fathom when someone turns down dessert, especially if it rolls by and you can so easily pluck something. :) I see you plan to go to JG next. I hope you enjoy it! Even if you're not big on sweets, I hope you will try the homemade marshmallow there.

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                Sounds great! I don't get it. You do not eat red meat, but go for the frois gras.
                Glad you enjoyed your lunch... I'm jealous!

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                  jaylhorner, if it quacks, clucks or swims I eat it. It's more about health and less about politics for me. Thanks . . . JG lunch deal may be next.

              3. "Now I understand why EMP is RGR's favorite restaurant :)"


                I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your first visit to EMP, fdr. When I saw your original post, I considered suggesting that you do the 5-course lunch Gourmand, which includes the foie gras. But I wasn't sure if you do eat it. Also, one of the dishes is veal with sweetbreads. Presuming they are on your "do not eat" list, I'm sure the kitchen would be willing to substitute something else for you. While the 2 for $28 is a terrific deal, I think the lunch Gourmand is as well. Maybe next time?

                The dessert cart was introduced a few months ago. Prior to that, the dessert menu at lunch and dinner was the same. So, the desserts at dinner are totally different. (Note: The Citrus Variations on the lunch Gourmand is from the dinner dessert menu.)


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                  RGR, I made a dinner reservation at EMP in two weeks. What are your favorite dishes on the dinner menu. How can I ensure that I have a memorable meal (in a good way) there.

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                    Now that I've picked myself off the floor.... lol Considering that I recall you swearing never to walk through EMP's revolving doors again, it was a shock to read that you are going to dinner there in two weeks. Well, I did overcome my reluctance to return to Le Bernardin because my first experience there was very disappointing, so I'm glad to see that you have decided to do the same with regard to EMP.

                    Before I make any suggestions, it would be helpful if you remember and can tell me which dishes you ordered last time that left you less than satisfied. Are you planning to do the 3-course menu, or are you interested in one of the tasting menus? Also, will you be dining alone?

                    1. re: RGR

                      Hey, If you can't beat them, join 'em!! My first meal was in October, 2007. All I remember about my meal was that I ordered the Gourmand Menu and had a half bottle of a Domaine Leflaive Puligny Montrachet. I haven't decided yet on what menu to order. I was thinking about the 5 course: looking at the menu, i thought the beef with the morels and asparagus looked great. I will also most likely be alone.

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                        I'll be interested in your recs to sethd as my girlfriend and I will be dining there for the first time later this month. I'll try virtually anything but am more partial to red meat and chicken, whereas she'll likely be more interested in seafood.

                        The food selections on the various menus look veeeeerrrry interesting.

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                      Thanks, RGR. Dinner dessert menu looks much more interesting. I think I need to get the SO to EMP for dinner. The Gourmand is alot of food for me. The only dish that really appealed to me on the Gourmand menu was the foie gras. JG for lunch is next. I also need to get back to The Modern-Dining Room, return to Chanterelle (despite my feelings about the formality of the room) and use my Picholine gift card. And one of my favorite restaurants, Falai should have a new Spring menu by now.