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May 31, 2009 03:34 PM

Where can I go (specifically) to forage for chanterelles?

I am in the Seattle area and would love to start collecting my own mushrooms. Since i am not an experienced forager, i decided that it would be best to stick with chanterelles because they are not easily mistaken for toxic varietals.
If anyone knows any specific trials or hikes or forests that i can go to.. that would be great.

Thanks in advance for viewing.

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  1. Chanterelles are a fall mushroom and are not available this time of year. If you wish to learn more about foraging for wild mushrooms, please contact the folks at Puget Sound Mycological Society BEFORE you head into the woods.

    1. Foragers both professional and armature tend to be rather protective of their hunting grounds. (for good reason) the Mycological society will give you some good hints and may take you on some trips but it takes spending a lot of time hiking through the woods to find some good areas.

      1. Go with an experienced forager the first time(s) to get the hang of it. Otherwise, I second what others have said! PSMS is a great organization, and they organize field trips.

        1. As mentioned by others, you won't find chanterelles until the fall. They can be found quite widely in wooded locations, even in urban forest stands. (It helps to know the plant associations.) I don't think mushroom folks will be very secretive about locations; it's not a rare treasure (like say a matsutake). But don't think you can't be fooled; there is also a false chanterelle -- not dangerous, but not much fun to eat either. See the wikipedia listing, for instance: When you gather up your hoard this October, check out the recipe for linguine with leeks, chanterelles, thyme and white wine in the Fields of Green cookbook. Or just fry up a bunch for an omelet or a Dutch pancake, or as a topping for grilled polenta, or.....

          1. I've been foraging up near Mt. Baker. Look for fir trees and don't get lost.

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                When I went in season with someone who did have more specific spots, we all brought back grocery bags full.