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May 31, 2009 03:12 PM

Finger foods for Bridal Shower

I will be hosting and cooking for my friends bridal shower. It will be a cocktail party for about 30 women, so I will need a variety of hot and cold items that can be prepared ahead of time.I have alot of ideas, like mini monte cristo sandwiches with serrano ham and manchego cheese and tiny baked potatoes with sour cream, blue cheese and bacon bits. Any thoughts, ideas and recipes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Belgian endive spears make a great vehicle for a dab of soft chess and a garnish. Herbed cream cheese and smoked trout is a go to for me. Plain creamed cheese and a candied pecan is another

    1. Maybe try some cucumber sandwiches.

      Love the mini monte cristo sandwich idea.

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        Would love to get the mini monte cristo sandwich recipe

      2. Miniature gougeres can be made a couple of days ahead and kept refrigerated for reheating before service.

        Rillettes (of either pork or duck) can be made a week or more ahead and served at room temperature on bread or toasts.

        Pickled mushrooms are an oldie but goodie served cold or room temp.

        Don't know if you were planning on any kind of shrimp or shrimp cocktail, but a nice change is this Pickled Shrimp from the NY Times last year:

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          I had a cocktail party last night with finger foods and everyone seemed to be happy :)
          Mini chicken empanada's that can be made ahead of time and frozen (which I did) were really popular. (I baked not fried which make it easy). I made roasted shrimp cocktail (Inas recipe) and it was really yummy- This time of year tomato bruscetta is always great and only gets better as it sits at room temp.

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            Would love to get the mini chicken empanada's recipe

        2. Medjool dates stuffed with goat cheese, pistachios, and chives, wrapped in prosciutto or serrano ham. Easy and tasty.

          I also love wild mushroom bruschetta (sautee mixed wild mushrooms with a touch of garlic, salt, and pepper and add a drizzle of truffle oil; serve on olive oil-drizzled slices of baguette).

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            ...I forgot to mention to top the wild mushroom bruschetta with a few shavings of fontina cheese. Divine!

          2. For my bridal shower - we had tortellini tossed in pesto. You could serve them with toothpicks for one or two bites. Another thing we had was smoked salmon roses on top of pumpernickel squares, dilled cream cheese and capers.

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              Thanks, there are some good ideas here. Keep 'em coming!

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                How do you make smoked salmon roses? Sounds great for a shower finger food.