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May 31, 2009 03:00 PM

S.O.B. in Downtown Greensboro?

I noticed a new restaurant across from The Carolina Theater downtown; a new oyster bar, i believe it's called Steven's Oyster Bar.

Has anyone been here? I haven't had very much luck with oysters here in Greensboro, and am desperately looking for some tasty seafood, especially oysters.

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  1. Well, I take that as a no. I went tonight and was actually extremely disappointed (the oysters themselves were okay, but the restaurant was not).
    Oh well. The search continues.

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    1. re: DreamCyn

      details!! what made the place so bad, what types of oysters did they have

      1. re: quazi

        I can't really say what kind of oysters they were, I'm no expert and to me they just seemed like the kind i've had at the Black Pearl down on High Point Rd (dislike that place-don't know how to serve oysters).

        A lot of my problems with SOB comes from my own opinions, and I'm sure someone finds it...appealing. I definitely did not.

        For starters, the menu was surprisingly tiny. Just a few seafood items and mostly sandwiches, which isn't a big deal, but annoyed me because I was looking for some variety. The menu claims a "unique" and special experience, but the food was anything but.

        The oysters themselves were rather good. They didn't just taste like seawater, which is the essence of my experience with them. I have been desperate to find oysters somewhere that I like, and here I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed them.

        The problem with them is that they were dirty. I mean sand and dirt everywhere dirty. I couldn't drink the juice at the bottom of the shell because it was gray/brown and crunchy with so much sand. I pointed it out to the waitress (who, by the way, was nice but looked grossed out when I ordered them AND didn't seem to know anything about seafood or bars for that matter), and she just gave me this "i dunno" face and said they just serve them how they come. I haven't eaten oysters very much, but I would at least expect them to be rinsed or dunked in water before being shucked.
        I ate them anyway, and, as I said, they were good, it just really bugged me that they were covered in grime.

        The place itself didn't feel very inviting. It felt a lot more "bar" than it did "oyster", and no one there really seemed to give a damn that the place was a restaurant.
        When another set of eating customers actually showed up, the waitress didn't know what Disarono was (not a big deal, just odd for a bar waitress), and there was stuff floating in their drink when they got it.

        The worst part (for me) was the Oyster Stew. I was psyched about getting oyster stew at an oyster bar, and when I got it I was absolutely grossed out. It tasted like Skim Milk with a dash of oyster liquid and maybe some kind of salt-based sauce. There were two gigantic testicle-like oysters floating around in it and it had absolutely no flavor or texture or anything of redeeming quality. It was the only thing I complained about and sent back.
        Got an appetizer basket of fried fish which was okay but bland and not special or worth the price.

        Also, my partner got a fish Po Boy wish was only on one (hard) piece of bread (I understand open-faced sandwiches, but if you're only getting one slice of bread, IMO, it should be mentioned on the menu), with no flavor and a tiny bit of bland sauce on the bottom.

        I was really disappointed because I was looking for some good, tasty seafood, and did not get it at all. At least the oysters tasted pretty good.