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May 31, 2009 02:37 PM

Another new restaurant for Wilton/Ridgefield

Always keeping my eyes open as I traverse Rt. 7 a million times a day and I saw a little sign on the corner of Rt 102 and Rt. 7 saying that "The Little Pub" was moving into the recently painted "liitle" building that used to house antiques. It always looked like a Swiss chalet to me and now I guess someone is going to try making a food/drink place there. Anyone know more about it?

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  1. Seems to me that many years ago it was a "pub" (or maybe a bar with burgers)...when we first looked for a house in the area - maybe 1994-1995??? We saw the renovations but missed the sign! Can't wait....

    And the place that was The Catch has a sign that says B & G - Bar and Grille? Cranky kids in the car so couldn't slow down to read it!

    1. that's great! will you keep us posted?

      1. Little Pub opened last night. Saw some folks sitting on the outside patio this afternoon. Didn't have time to stop in for a menu. Hope someone will try it and let us know.

        1. We tried to go to The Little Pub for dinner last night, but there was no room in the parking lot, so we went to Mac Daddy's and had a not-so-great experience.

          Tonight we tried again. Still no room in the lot....the restaurant website suggests parking at the train station but, unwilling to risk crossing Route 7 on foot, we took a spot next door (sorry to Udo Fit and Moto Guzzi, but you were closed, so I don't feel so bad).

          While there were some minor issues (not surprising in a place that's been open less than a week), overall we had a great meal and will definitely go back.

          For those of you interested in the details, read on....

          The place was mobbed when we arrived. It was loud. VERY loud. And it's not large. If the skies had looked less threatening, we would have taken a table outside on the patio (although a meal overlooking the parking lot and Route 7 isn't particularly enticing). There was one open table - a two-top in a line of four in a row just inside the door. The space was very tight. We felt like we were joining the people on either side of us - which made for some friendly conversation about the restaurant but also for some awkward moments (did I really need to know about the new girlfriend of the about-to-be-divorced guy sitting to my left???). This is NOT the place to go if you want to have a personal conversation!

          The place looks GREAT inside. The original ceiling has been exposed and refinished so that it looks like reclaimed barn siding. There's a stone fireplace (do I remember that from the original space?). Very attractive and cozy. But all that wood and stone definitely echoes. If there were something to absorb some of the sound it might be better but, honestly, I can't figure out how they would do that given the decor....

          We started with an order of hot wings. They were good. Crispy with a tasty sauce. Did not taste like they came out of a box from Costco. As always, one of us complained that they weren't hot enough! But, really, they were just right. Some celery and the ubiquitous bleu cheese dressing as an accompaniment were fine. Must have been about 10 or 12 in the order - a combination of drumsticks and actual wings.

          After the wings we waited FOREVER for our dinner....but judging from the meals being served to the tables on either side of us, it must have been a fluke, because they were served in a timely fashion. Since we were in no rush (the hungry kids are away at camp, so no babysitter on the clock at home), we didn't mind.

          Eventually the rest of the meal arrived: a 102 Burger (with caramelized onions, sweet and hot peppers, and provolone cheese) plus a "Simple Salad" (mesclun greens, cucumber, grape tomatoes, red onion, carrots, olive, garlic herbed croutons) with their balsamic dressing.

          The burger was delicious. Cooked exactly as ordered (medium), a solid size (7 oz according to the menu), the onion/pepper combo just the right balance of sweet and spicy....but served on a standard supermarket potato bun...which is a shame, because on a kaiser roll or a portuguese roll it would have been absolutely PERFECT. The potato bun is just too soft and small to stand up to the burger.

          The fries, which the menu touts as "fresh-cut" were tasty but only lukewarm... I'll chalk that up to first-week issues and hope for better next time.

          The salad was also great - and HUGE! At $7.95 it's a great buy. Could definitely stand as a two-person shared appetizer. The dressing was made in house (we asked) and outstanding. We could taste the fresh herbs and spices. I'd love the recipe - or a jar to take home!

          At our neighbor's tables we spied the chicken quesadillas and the calamari appetizers - again, both really good-sized portions. Definitely something two could share. And in the other direction we saw the pulled pork sandwich. That customer said it was terrific, but noted that the menu claimed shoestring sweet potato fries as a side dish and the kitchen served it with the regular french fries instead. More first-week issues? He didn't bother to bring it to the server's attention until the end of the meal, so we didn't get to see the sweet potato ones.

          We were offered a dessert menu and decided to take a look, since desserts were not listed online or on the printed dinner menu. The "menu" was a piece of printed cardstock with no prices listed. We called our server back to the table and learned that ll desserts are $6.95. Would it have been so hard to print that on there???

          The list of dessert items wasn't too long (Bourbon Pecan Pie, New York Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Cookie Dough Pie, Cookies w/ Milk....and maybe something else....we can't recall) but the server told us they didn't have the Cookie Dough Pie (which is what we would have ordered) or the Cookies and Milk options available. We ordered a piece of the NY Cheesecake - with two forks - after being told that it was homemade (off site). It was a decent-sized piece, served with whipped cream and raspberry sauce on the side, and was lighter and creamier than a traditional "Lindy's" type of NY cheesecake. In short...a great ending to a really nice meal.

          I would say this is not a place I would bring my kids. Teens would be fine - and maybe some really calm children who aren't fazed by a lot of sensory input. For my kids it would be too loud! And I think most people who go there will be glad not to see a bunch of kids.

          We will definitely return - soon - and hope you all give it a try. Since we live nearby, we'd like to see this place succeed. In our opinion it's a perfect neighborhood pub type of place!

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          1. re: hungrykids

            Thanks for the report! Looking forward to trying it.

          2. I haven't been there myself but just like hungrykids I pass it all the time on my way home and it is always packed! We went and got some ice cream the other night at Ridgefield Ice Cream (the place that looks like a Carvel stand) and on our way we saw gazillion cars and people at the Pub. It was a weekday night! Very encouraging...
            I will make it a point to try it now that I know some of their offerings. We have been frequenting the Eveready Diner in Brewster quite a bit. It's Exit 19 off of I84 in NY. It's actually the same travel time for us to go there vs. Orem's which is right in town! Anyway, food has been very good and desserts are highly recommended.
            Thanks for the info on the Pub!