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Farmer's Markets in the Hudson Valley

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The current issue of "The Valley Table" magazine lists over 50 farmer markets in the Hudson Valley--from Westchester to Columbia and from Rockland to Greene. Also inclluded is the day and time for each.
the valley table.com (Use spaces or you're be directed to Restaurant Week that occured several months ago.)

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  1. You can't use spaces in a URL, jayjay. I think the link you are suggesting is http://www.valleytable.com/csa_main.php. I notice the Westchester listings there omit the new Scarsdale farmer's market. See my brief report at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6237.... Enjoy!

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      Surman--I realize that the web site referred to in my original posting is a little strange, but if you omit the www., you'll actually get to the correct page--go try it.

      Also, the URL you gave in your response leads to an error message--"page not found."

      Could it be that A&P and the other supermarkets that get their peaches from CA and lemons from Mexico are ganging up on the local farmer markets? Stranger things have happened.

      1. re: jayjay

        The main page for The Valley Table is http://www.valleytable.com.

        What would make you think the chains are hampering farmers' markets? There seem to be more and better ones every year.

      2. Here's a list of Westchester farmers' markets: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6237...