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May 31, 2009 02:31 PM

A Chow down - Down the shore?

What I am proposing is a summer chow down, down the shore! Yes, a gathering of chowsters, sometime this summer, at a location down the shore. I think if we take the 3 summer months, we can plan a chow down by the End of August.

I'll start with some proposals :

Early June :
a) Used to solidify the best area for the most. I want to limit that area to Point Pleasant to The LBI area, Yes pretty much the Ocean County Shore Area. ( To be honest, I am hoping that someone will take on trying to plan a Fall gathering and move to say Monmouth Co?)
b ) Time : a weekend: which day and meal time to be decided with posts.

End of June into July:
a) The hard part, start to propose locations, styles (A casual eat, a sit down, and hey, if anyone has a location and wants to host, a pot luck?)

July - Beginning of August
a) Location and style chosen. Now we line up committments so if we need to reserve we can. I think we can, if it is something we all think is cool. now anounce to a larger board (tristate?) to see if more chowsters want to attend.

Middle-End of August:

We chow down - down the shore!

If someone would like to co-mod this with me I would LOVE it!

But I do put these up as NO discussion:
End of August, a weekend time. Ocean County Area.

If a ChowTeam Mod sees this and can make it a sticky, woudl be nice as well!

let's do it!!!!

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  1. I propose August 15TH as the Date! It's a Sat.

    Some has to start with a preference!

    1. could we get anyone to do an authentic clam/lobster bake for us, perhaps?

      1. Just catching up, Quine good initiative.
        Everyone else except Monkey Bread girl, interested?

        Keeping costs low could do Pizza at DeLorenzos - A Little More $ Burgers at Boom - Even more $ Dinner at Trinity or Drew's - I will just eat all desserts, and happy to share.

        May be too North for some.

        Suggestion, after the summer but before the holidays may be best....
        or not...no worries all good.

        Is there anybody out there?
        Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?