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May 31, 2009 02:18 PM

Best entree at Gotham Bar and Grill?

I need some recommendations for the best entree at Gotham Bar and Grill. I am in between the steak, duck, or rack of lamb. Their steak is one of their supposed signatures, however as most of you know I am a lover of steak and go to steakhouses quite often. I would rather try something different- something that GBG does special.

Other interesting options are the signature miso cod and the lobster. Everything sounds so delicious so it is really tough for me to decide. What are your favorites?

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  1. Anyone please?? I would appreciate it. Called the restaurant and spoke to a nice guy who said their crispy soft shelled crabs are new to the menu and great.

    1. Sometimes there is dry-aged Niman Ranch steak -- expensive but very, very tasty. The regular "New York Steak" is always excellent, and nicely presented. My wife always orders it, and enjoys her treat. I think the miso cod, despite multiple servings, is quite excellent, but it's obviously something entirely different. Can't comment on the lobster. Listen carefully to the daily specials, as there are often really interesting options,.

      Net of it is that everything is delicious. So I would order whatever I felt like eating and whatever sounded good at the moment.

      Think about the sashimi as a starter. Really refreshing.

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        Awesome thanks thanks for the insight. I didn't know they had specials ahhh that complicates things even more!!!!

        1. re: Fernleigh

          I second that New York strip. In my opinion, it's the best steak in the city. Served with delicious onion rings and a marrow/mustard flan. Amazing!

        2. Not sure if you know (From Eater):

          An inside source confirms that Gotham Bar & Grill Chef de Cuisine Adam Longworth has left the restaurant for an Executive Chef gig in D.C. Another Chef de Cuisine is apparently already in training at Gotham whose name, for now, remains undisclosed. [Eater Inbox]

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            I actually did just see that today. Really weird since I am going this Saturday. Hopefully that does not translate into a decrease in food quality or changes in the menu.

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              Just as an update he did indeed leave. They mentioned that one of their sous chefs Jim Cave?? has taken over.

            2. Get the steak. Different, and might be hit-or-miss to the extent that any steak would be even at the best joint, but usually really good.

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                Yeah, it is a tough decision. I am going to try and urge someone in my party, if not myself, to order the steak so I can at least sample it. Right now I think I am actually leaning towards the lobster or duck.

                I called the restaurant and they said the rack of lamb is only 9 ounces. The duck breast they said is about 7 ounces, however the gentleman on the phone said it was his favorite entree on the menu. It is prepared Asian style from the description on the menu (peking duck). I love duck, however I feel like I can get peking duck at a Chinese restaurant. I have seen pics of the lobster and it looks fabulous! I was told it is a half pound of lobster- 1 and a half tails and a claw. Right now that is the front runner but I find myself changing daily lol.

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                  Wow, you are the first person that I know who actually called up the restaurant and asked them how many ounces of meat each entree has....

                  I am...surprised...

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    Lol why? Yes I have no shame when it comes to menu questions. I find that the best way to do this is to go right to the source and gather this info before actually going. You save a lot of time calling ahead of time so you do not have to ask your waiter.

              2. get the lamb, it was suggested to me when I asked the same question and I was very happy and pretty full. I usually hold my own against a ribeye steak if that is any comparison.

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                  Hey jon thanks for the response. How many chops did you get and were they thick? And how was it prepared? I assume it was encrusted in some bread crumbs or something.