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May 31, 2009 02:18 PM

Alfresco Seafood in Red Bank

A new place has opened up at Irwin's Marina in Marine Park where Navesink Cafe was years ago. Looks to be your standard issue seafood shack. They didn't have any takeout menus so I took a pic of the one on the wall. Was not expecting to find it and did not try it, but figured I'd let folks know. It is an excellent location for this time of year even if the food is just decent.

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  1. Not familiar with this location.
    Is there anywhere to sit and eat outside on a Sunny Day?

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      Just checked the picture. Why yes there is! :)

    2. Has anyone eaten here? Sounds good!

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      1. re: Angelina

        It's called The Boondocks and they have a limited menu of fresh seafood and live music at night. There is lots of outdoor seating and it is nice by the water there.

        1. re: seal

          Actually the only seating they offer is outdoors on the deck under a canopy. When Navesink Cafe and Osaka had the space they also had clear plastic that could be unfurled during wet or windy weather. I assume Boondocks also has this.