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May 31, 2009 02:00 PM

Help pick my birthday dinner... please.

Well... I am turning 31 in two weeks and my family wants to take me out to a birthday dinner... and of course, I am left to choose, which normally is not a problem... I love to decide where to go... I have eaten pretty much everywhere in the city, however in the interest of keeing things a bit more interesting I am asking you- fellow chowhounds and loyal food lovers to pick the destination for my birthday celebration... there will be 6 people total on a Saturdayor Sunday evening in June and there is no preference of BYO v. non-BYO.
The nominees are (in no particular order):


Let the voting begin... thanks for the help! Cheers!

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  1. Tinto. Dimitri's is not in the same league as the other places on your list.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      I love Tinto but I have only eaten in smaller groups there. Amada is a better and bigger space to handle a table of six.

      Chifa in my opinion is up and down. Noise level high and you are going to fight for a table on a saturday (not sure about Sunday. For a budget play either Estia or Radicchio would be great options.

      SImply on the quality of the food, I would go to Amada. And you have options of ordering the roast pig ahead of time.. which is a great thing to share with a group of six.

      1. re: cwdonald

        I was going to recommend ordering the roasted pig at Amada too. It was maybe one of the best meals I have ever had. And it's more food than 6 people will know what to do with.

    2. Chifa is probably going to get a post-LaBan bump in business for the next few weeks. May not be the best choice right now.

      Estia has a festive vibe -- the servers treated the group I was with like family. They even comped us a large platter of fruit with a yogurt sauce for dessert.

      1. i would say Amada, but a forewarning, I tried to book my birthday dinner there (it was on a Saturday night in April for 6 people) and the earliest seating they had was 9:30pm!!!!! so, if I were you, I would call asap for reservations....

        1. I'd put Amada and Estia at the top of the list for a birthday dinner with a group. Amada is more lively, but Estia is lovely. The food at both is great. Caveat: I haven't been to Chifa, but the rest wouldn't be as much fun.

          1. Amada: love. but your party needs to be meat and cheese-eaters. they have a table that would be the perfect size for your group on a raised area, but it's my understanding that reservations for larger groups go FAST
            estia: ok, but if you're going for greek, go to
            dmitri's: sure, not the same "rank" as the others, but still fun, good food, and not as pretentious as the other places can be sometimes

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              Dmitri's and Radicchio don't take reservations -- so if you like standing on a long line on Saturday night...Estia is very very good and Amada is great. Don't think Tinto would be good for a group of 6, and don't like it as well as Amada. We were not impressed with Chifa.