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May 31, 2009 01:19 PM

Do you have a favorite brand of fish sauce? - moved from Home Cooking board

And if you are in NYC, where do you buy it? Thanks

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  1. Three Crabs is what I usually buy and use the most. It is lighter in flavor than,say, Tiparos or Squid brand and a little more expensive. When adding to complex cooked dishes, i.e.,Thai curries, you might as well use Squid or Tiparos as the stronger flavor comes through nicely. For dipping sauces like nuoc cham, I prefer the lighter more refined Three Crabs. In addition to SE Asian dishes I use fish sauce a lot as a substitute for anchovies and salt a lot in red sauce Italian cooking, and also in caesar salad dressing when I am in a hurry or just lazy.

    1. I have to recommend 3 crabs as well. Not as salty as Tiparos. Try any self respecting asian market to purchase.

      1. I used to have Golden Boy fish I have Squid *only* because the Asian grocery store here no longer sells Golden Boy...but have read good things about both Squid and 3 Crabs that LRunkle posted about on this board. I live in SW FL and the only place I can find fish sauce is in our local Asia Pok market on Pine Ridge Road.

        1. My favorites are Golden Boy or Flying Lion Phú Quốc" (label pic below):