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May 31, 2009 12:32 PM

Hong Kong Eatery question

i was at Hong Kong Eatery twice this past week and wanted to order the roast pork, the one with the crunchy skin. on the first visit i asked for 'Roast Pork' and was given the stuff without the skin with the sweet glaze. on the second visit i asked for 'BBQ Pork' and got the same thing as on my first try.

am i doing something wrong or was it just a mistake on the part of my server?

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  1. Roast pork should've been correct, as it's the literal translation of the term in Cantonese (siu juu yook). The one with the sweet glaze is char siu, or what I would consider chinese-style bbq pork. My guess is your 1st server just made a mistake.

    Just to add: the problem here is that the Cantonese term 'siu' can be used to mean roast or barbecue, but the the words 'siu juu' is understood to be the kind with the crispy skin.

    1. Roast pork is right. But since the place isn't that big, you could always go to the area and point it out. I know the bbq pork is more popular, so it could have just been a misunderstanding.

      1. I would go with the pointing method.

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          Ditto, I am all about the pointing!

        2. if you specify "crispy pig" that should do the trick-- ask for "center cut" if you want the better stuff (just a bit more expensive)

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            now that's the kind of tip i like!

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              AWWW i drool from the thought of it but if you wake up early enough and beat the crowd, you can find some of the most delicious roast suckling pig and some of the best parts of the meat.

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                I was told by a chinese friend to order it as "bbq pork". And every time I have, the waiters always ask "crispy skin?" And I've always gotten what I want. But "crispy pig" would probably work better.

            2. I had this same confusion. The server told me that BBQ pork was the crispy one, and roast is the shiny sweet one. So far they've been consistent with this, but pointing is a good option. On another note, the roast pork (char siu) at Vinh Sun is great, I liked it better; seemed to be more tender and flavorful. I posted this earlier about wonton noodle soup. Not sure about VS' other roast meat offerings but they look good too.

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                Char siu (pork tenderloin with red sauce) is called BBQ pork by most cantonese BBQ places. Roast Pork (Fo Yuk) Is the whole pig with crispy skin. Agree on the center cut and it has the right combination of meat and fat. Chinatown cafe (Harrison south of Kneeland) sometimes sells box of the end bits for ~$5. A deal but not as nice as center cut.

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                  tried to argue this with the waitress at HKE to no avail.....haven't been to Chinatown Cafe in years, will have to check it out.