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May 31, 2009 12:15 PM

First time to Tokyo, a few Questions...


I first want to say that the information on this board has been incredibly helpful. I still have a few questions however. First, we are going to Japan for our honeymoon next month and I am a big foodie, I want to try everything Japan has to offer.

We are having our hotel make reservations at Sushi Mizutani, and plan on hitting Daiwa sushi or similar one morning. Right now I plan on hitting the yakitori stalls near our hotel, the Peninsula, our first night, but perhaps Birdland or similar might be better? Any first night rec's near the Peninsula?

Second, I am dying to try Menya Kissou after reading all the posts here, however we do not speak Japanese, and I am hoping someone could let us know an easy way to order once we manage to get to the front of the line?? (I think we will both want ramen, with an egg, and chashu, etc.)

We also have a soba restaurant picked out, and we also plan on hitting up the food floor of Isetan.

I am wondering what other rec's you all may have for us. We have a budget for a splurge (like Mizutani) and an interest in everything from high end Japanese to 'street food' type bites.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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  1. For Menya Kissou, I checked a picture of the menu online and the ramen with pork is simply called
    Chashu-ramen, and the egg is hanjyuku tamago.

    So, a simple way to order is "chasu-ramen to hanjyuku tamago onegaishimasu".
    That's not perfect, but very doable for a foreigner. Good luck!

    1. The yakitori stalls are fun and cheap, but someplace like Birdland will give you better food. The last time I checked, Birdland only accepted same-day reservations, so you might want to ask your hotel to help with that, and have a backup plan. (Note also that they're closed on Sundays and Mondays.)

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        Thank you lost squirrel--'doable for a foreigner' is good enough! Thanks!

        And thank you for the Birdland info, we land on a Monday, but will try to go later in our trip. It sounds like the stalls might work for our first night, I'm not sure what state we will be in after landing.

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          I'll tell you something else, there are always so many people in line that someone is bound to speak English enough to help you in a pinch. Lost Squirrel is right though - all you really have to do is specify 'ramen' or 'tsukemen', then 'cha shu' and 'tamago' and you'll be set. Normal ramen will come with seaweed and pickled bamboo and everything (and I'm also compelled to say that these were the first menma that I actually enjoyed eating).

          For the yakitori, I'd actually recommend the Yurakucho under-track places _unless_ you're Asian / have spent a lot of time in Asia and been to street markets and maybe even eaten a lot of yakitori. It's pretty exciting, and the food should be good+ depending on place. I was pleasantly surprised with this place:

      2. ryugin would be good, recommended by most of the chowhounders here... english no problem too.. u can check reservations on their website

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          i wonder if ryugin sells their wasabon ice cream by the tub... hehehe... those are heavenly...

        2. Hi sylvia80,

          I'd second Lucil's recommendation for Ryugin. Phenomenal; easily one of my Top 5 restaurants I've ever been to.

          Enjoy! :)