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May 31, 2009 12:03 PM

New Diner: Cousin Frankie's USA Grill

Want to mention.. I had a pretty tasty burger for $4 at a fresh new diner, "Cousin Frankie's USA Grill", 110 Adee Street in Port Chester, NY, across from the train steps/taxi area. Its a neat retro-style diner, just opened this week. Everything is sparkling new, comfortable seating. Very clean and bright, and easy on the wallet.

In balance to PC's fame for international restaurants, the theme here is proudly all American. My first impression was very good, and the dishes of other patrons look appealing as well. The menu has a variety of good ol' standards for breakfast and lunch, including home-cooked specials. It should draw families, local workers, and morning commuters. If the rest of their menu is good as my burger it will definitely attract hungry-man appetites, burger-craved teens, and folks wanting a good alternative to pizza.

It opens every day, except Sunday from early morning thru mid-afternoon Closed for dinner. But good news for the weekend revelers: Its opened from 10 pm to 4:30 am on Fri/Sat evenings.

And, they take credit cards, deliver and do take out.

Look forward to hearing other feedback.

Cousin Frankie's USA Grill
110 Adee St., Port Chester, NY

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  1. i walked by earlier and peered in as it was closed (sunday). it looks like a funky little place. lots of red, white, and blue. while it has a small counter area and a counter facing the window there are no booths and just a few tables. I wouldn't call it a diner as it does not have the huge and varied menu i've come to associate with metro area diners. i don't know what to call it but i am definitely going to give it a try soon.

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      Yeah, kinda funky. Their "USA" funky-retro theme is distinct. Definitely not your standard over-air conditioned Greek diner with a 12-page laminated menu. Not huge, but inside feels open w comfortable tables/seating.. Their hours are a cross between Vinnie's Lunch and Pat's Hubba Hubba. My family tried to go after work, but was closed :-( And, it would be nice if it was open Sundays, but you can't blame the folks for needing a day off.

    2. I recently had breakfast at Cousin Frankie's with a couple of girlfriends and it was fantastic!!! The western wrap was so fresh and made exactly the way I asked and the home fries were out of this world. The atmosphere at Cousin Frankie's is so friendly - you will immediately feel like part of the family ! I love the retrostyle tables & chairs and the place is wall to wall fun!. The menu is a perfect 10 ! Check it out - you will NOT be disappointed!

      1. Sounds good. Pat's Hubba Hubba just doesn't get old for me -- I'd still stop by for a quick Texas dog even though I wasn't headed there initially.

        Look -->

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          He seems to be going a little overboard with the "all American" theme he has going on. "Our American Food!" "Our American Atmosphere!" "My American Ford Truck!" "All-American ambiance"

          Especially in a place like Port Chester. It comes off like, "Look, you are surrounded by places that are not run by Americans, so come to a "real" American place".

          I never like such blatant in your face "YEAH! WE ARE AMERICANS!" stuff thrown in my face. *cue the eagles and the flowing flags* But I am willing to try a new place if the food is good.

          1. re: chloe4ever

            On the website I learned that the owner/chef is Italian and his wife Cuban. I'm thinking the American motif is just his "schtick" to make it different and memorable.

            1. re: lucyis

              You are probably right. But his "schtick" is kind of annoying to me. But then again, I don't like anything that is so in my face. But I WILL try the food. If the food is good, they can come out wearing the American flag singing the Star Spangled Banner while an American eagle sits on their shoulder for all I care. Just as long as they don't make me stand for the National Anthem. Nothing kills a good breakfast then when the waitress insists on that.

            2. re: chloe4ever

              I don’t get it??
              You walk into a Chinese restaurant and all you SEE is Chinese stuff!

              You walk into a Spanish Restaurant and all you SEE is Spanish stuff!

              You walk into a Brazilin Restaurant and all you all you SEE is Brazilin stuff!

              We as American’s and Port Chester residents welcome them with open arms!

              So, WHAT is wrong with going into an All American place and seeing all American stuff???

              Do we mock other Restaurant in Port Chester that take pride in their country?

              I have walked by Cousin Frankie’s USA Grill everyday on my way to the train station and it gives me a good feeling when I get my morning breakfast that someone took the time to take pride in the country that we do live in.

              The food is Great and it’s fun to look at all the old signs that are on the walls. Some are part of our history and other make you re-live your childhood.

              1. re: fastcar

                No reason to be so defensive. And no mocking was taking place. From MY point of view, I don't like anything forced down my throat and thrown in my face. And when it comes across like, "Oh, we are the "real" Americans because we have the "real" American food and "real" American flags and we drive "real" American trucks so don't worry that my wife is Cuban" then it is off-putting to me. Nothing wrong with American pride, but when it comes across in an obnoxious way then it turns me off.

          2. I wanted to be impressed by this quaint little diner, I really did. I’m sorry to say that I was, in fact, pretty disappointed.

            My daughter and I were looking for a quick lunch place to celebrate the 5th grade awards programs at school- I left the lunch restaurant choice up to her, and she really wanted to try Cousin Frankie’s. I’ve been wanting to try it, too, so we stopped by.

            Parking is a bit dicey, but then again, almost any restaurant in that area during the weekday is kinda tough. We parked behind the Salvation Army, and walked over.

            It is a really cute place- someone put a lot of time and effort into their theme of “Americana”. There are plenty of bar stools and counter space, and table service, too, as we were told by our waitress when she finally showed up. I didn’t see any high chairs, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. I’m sure that this is exactly the type of place that kids would love! Since there are steps going down into the place, it isn’t handicapped accessible.

            The menu is standard diner type fair, burgers, sandwiches, breakfasts, with daily specials that looks good. I wasn’t hungry enough to try the “Cousin Frankie” - but it looked really interesting-”sauteed ground beef with a sweet BBQ sauce stuffed with potatoes and cheddar cheese”.- served on a roll, wedge or wrap.

            We ordered a gorgonzola burger, medium, w/ff, ($6.95) an order of mozzarella sticks ($4.95) with fries ($1.95), a vanilla shake ($2.50) and a soda. ($1.75)

            When I finally got my burger, it was just warm- it sat on the counter waiting while the only waitress messed around with the register with what looked like a new employee. I know- I watched her, and kept trying to catch her eye. After she figured out the problem with the register she brought the plate to me. Even though it was just warm, it was overcooked, definitely well done, not medium as requested. My daughter’s cheese sticks came a few minutes later, and they, too were warm, not hot, as were the fries. Based on how long it took to the the waitresses attention to get a refill of soda (we unded up having to go to the counter and asking) they had sat around a while, too, and we didnt’ have time for a re-do. Standard frozen fare, nothing to write home about. The milkshake, however, was great- just thick enough to suck up the straw, and nicely flavored.

            There are definately growing pains in this darling little diner- perhaps more attention should be paid to the customers eating than the many family memebers who gather around the bar to lend their support. The service leaves much to be desired, but again, I’m hoping it’s just a learning curve.

            That being said, I can’t wait to try out this place for breakfast- I suspect this is where Cousin Frankie’s will shine! Port Chester is in need of a good breakfast joint, and based on the menu, there is somethign here for everyone. I’m looking forward to sampling the stuff french bread.

            Cousin’ Frankie’s has sit down service, take out, and delivery available. Credit cards are accepted.

            Hours ar Mon- Fri 6:30am- 3:30pm, Sat 7:30am- 2:30pm, Late night Fri & Sat night- 10:00pm -4:30 pm


            In a nutshell, lunch is mediorcre, but breakfast looks promising. I’ll update as soon as I have breakfast at Cousin Frankie’s

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            1. re: Wendyd.

              For breakfast or lunch there is nothing wrong with Vinny's on Main St

              1. re: Flatrater

                I see Vinny's all the time but the outside is so foreboding never think to go in. What would you recommend there?