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May 31, 2009 10:27 AM

Best Italian Restaurant with a Garden

I've been to Barolo and would love to find another Italian Restaurant with an amazing garden. What do you recommend?

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    1. re: Lucia

      We loved Crispo, but I would add I Trulli to the list. Technically, their room isn't a garden in the back, but pretty close.

    2. Barbetta, in the theatre district. Old school, and a bit on the stuffy - and pricey - side, but the garden is gorgeous. Check the photo on the link:

      1. I love Barbetta. I grew up in Italy and it reminds me of some of those ancient formal ristoranti in Milan - formal, a bit frumpy and frayed but excellent service, food and wine list.

        1. I love I Trulli and have been going there for many years. It is not a typical Italian restaurant because the family is from the Puglia region of Italy - and the food reflects that. Mama makes the pasta - which is wonderful - as is the fish and all other non-pasta dishes. And for me, the best part is the beautiful garden. It is a covered garden with open sides, meaning that you can eat out there when the weather is not wonderful and I have many times. And it is beautiful.

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          1. re: ladymbl

            You beat me to it; I also was going to recommend a favorite, I Trulli.

          2. Loooove Crispo...I have also recently been to Uva, on the Upper East Side and I thought it was fantastic.