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May 31, 2009 10:11 AM

Fresh Roti or Pita bread in downtown TO?

Hey everyone,

I realize roti and pita are two very different things but I perfer both over regular sliced sandwhich bread. For pita I am specifically refering to the larger Turkey/Arab style and not the smaller and more doughy greek style.

I am looking for someplace that sells freshly made Roti/Pita bread (just the bread, no fillings) for take home near or in downtown TO. I find it the Roti/Pita in my local grocery store (Metro etc.) to be pretty lacking. The whole-wheat pitas are always too old and dry out quickly and the Roti just doesnt taste the same as the ones you get in a good Indian restaurant or even from Ghandi's.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I have bought the dough from Ghandi's. I can't remember what he charged me for the dough balls but it was reasonable and very easy to make in a regular frying pan. It actually came out sooooo yummy with my own home made curry.

    1. For pita (thinner kind), I like the ones at Big Carrot. I think they're Egyptian (?) and they come in 4 packs or packs of 2 and they're usually in the baskets at hip level in the front of the bread section. They don't dry out super fast like other brands and they have a good nutritional profile.

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        There is a very small place on Parliament 2 stores south of Wellesley on the East side that sells both. The Roti is available in the afternoon and is often still warm. Sorry I can't recall the name, but it is very good.

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            if it fits the location then i guess it's the place...they also have a small fish market in the back...real small...

      2. Not quite downtown, but Alima's in Brampton ( fits the bill as they sell all types of Roti "skins" - they even sell them in freezer packs. They are also freakin' big as they should be to make a proper Trinidadian style Roti. We drive from downtown to Brampton to buy a dozen or two then freeze them. They keep for months and even then they are a tastier than the grocery store ones.
        Hope that helps...