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May 31, 2009 09:56 AM

Casual Steak in Kansas City

It may be too late for this, but I have got a major craving for a good steak. Problem is - I am on the road right now, in my hotel room. Fortunately, however, my hotel room happens to be in Overland Park, KS. Kansas City - good steak - shouldn't be too hard to find.

Any recommendations? While I don't want to spend a fortune, value isn't a huge issue. Casualness, is however, as I really don't have the clothes (or desire) to get dressed up.

What s the best steak in a non-dressy place in the Kansas city area? I have a car, dining alone (but will sit in a restaurant) and I need some meat!

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  1. It's a chain but for what you describe I really like M&S Grill on the Plaza. It's a lovely day, you should eat outside. Get a piece of Boston Cream Pie.

    1. What about the Golden Ox in the stockyards? It shouldn't take too long to get there from O.P. and, at least the original, was casual because of all the cattlemen that used to come in. I use to work at the Livestock Natl. Bank on the second floor. We were able to go down to the kitchen and buy raw steaks to take home to grill. Sigh Those were the days!

      1. J. Gilbert's Wood Fired Steaks around 87th and Metcalf is the answer to both quality and attire. Try the bone-in cowboy ribeye.

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          I agree that it's a great place for a steak but I didn't recommend it simply because I thought it was a tad expensive. Other than that, it's a the best place in the area for steak.

        2. Well, I had pretty well resigned myself to Noodles and Co., but decided to ask the front desk attendant if she had any suggestions. All she could recommend was Herefords, so I looked up the reviews on that and they were pretty bad. But in doing that I stumbled across a reference to Jess and James. It is only a short distance from my hotel, so Ifigured I would give it a shot.

          The food was good - I won't say spectacular but I wasn't looking or needing spectacular - loved the potato! It was a perfect place for a solo diner, too. Service was quite friendly, if just a tad bit fast. They certainly give you enough food! Like I said it is not the best steak I ever had, but certainly better than a lot of them.