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SoFla Weekend Specials - Mofongo! Pozole!

Good Morning Hounds!

Have you tried the Sunday mofongo at JimmyZ - 1542 Alton Road on South Beach?

I know it's too damned hot but I've been thinking about those weekend only specials like feijoada at Boteco (916 NE 79th ) and Pozole weekends at Dona Raquel -793 S Dixie Hwy in Pompano.

We were aiming for the Fish Fry at Blue Marlin - 2500 163rd Street near Oleta Park today. I want to see if they can beat the greatness that is Kelly's Landing in Lauderdale (1305 SE 17th St) but the weather seems ominous... YEP > Today's forecast looks like rain and "Drag Me to Hell!"

Anyone want to share any weekend specials they crave all week long?


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  1. AG, have you tried Blue Marlin yet? Looks like they have fairly new ownership with a new menu.


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      having just going to there web site I saw that they offer Blue Marlin, now I am quite sure they are buying Pacific Blue Marlin ( I will be checking on that) Blue Marlin Pacific and Atlantic are seriously over fished and I really have a problem with that. please excuse my frusration with this but it is a world problem that could remove a species from our planet, who job should that be?? Blue Marlin Fish house, US Government, ICCAT??? you? I love fish and as a Captain I fish and sell them with a responsible and sustainable Stocks. Please do the same our ocean is our life blood it is were food started
      Thanks for my soap box
      By the way many places say marlin dip and it is an other fish but you pay for MARLIN

      1. re: pikiliz

        Monterey list says Hawaiian wild-caught Blue Marlin is OK but it's unlikely that's what they're getting ->

        I have recently seen nairagi (Hawaiian striped marlin) on menus of places that I believe are following sustainability guidelines and so have assumed this is also on the "OK" list.

        But aren't there other locally sourced, sustainable fish available that could be used?


      2. re: The Chowfather

        Besides, doesn't marlin taste somewhat strong? I remember having marlin tacos in Baja many years ago and not really caring for them.

        Nice to see that you're using the Monterey Bay Aquarium guide, Frod. They have a nice version that slips into my wallet, and keeps me on the straight and narrow, at least fish-wise.

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          I cite the Monterey guide to Whole Foods everytime I see them selling Orange Roughy (which is more often than an enviro grocery should).

      3. You know, I always meant to go to Boteco for the feijoada, but I somehow forgot all about it. I assume it's worth a visit if you mentioned it. Is it Saturday or Sunday?

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          I haven't been, but I'm sure it's on Saturday -- as that's the traditional day (in addition to Wednesdays) to eat feijoada!

          1. re: comidaqueen

            When I've gone it's been on Saturday.

        2. The mofongo at JimmyZ, although not the most traditional of mofongos, is really good. In Puerto Rico we have so many different styles of mofongo, and his style, crispy ( I believe twice fried) with pork rinds and lots of garlic, is my family's favorite (not mine though, I prefer the softer garlicky mofongo in sauce or broth). When they come visit me from Puerto Rico, they always want to go here to have it! Go figure...he must be doing something right when my brothers say "can't believe we have to come to Miami for this mofongo"...

          Do they still do the feijoada at Boteco's? This is now in my backyard so I'd love to know!

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            Sunday June 28, Boteco celebrates Festa Junina with traditional Brazilian food, a family fair and forro dancing 2-11pm. Considering Brazil plays the US in the Confederations Cup from Johannesburg Sunday, it's tough to say WHERE it will be best to watch... party should be great.

            Boteco - 916 NE 79 Street


          2. Good post AG! I may have to finally try the famous Brazilian dish dujour this afternoon...I think a little black bean stew ought to go well with last night's Pig's Foot! Muito Obrigado...

            1. So sorry to report that I went to Boteco for their famed Feijoada today and got three different stories from three different people! 1st I called to see what time they started serving this 'cono sur' delicacy, I was told 1pm single servings no buffet? Since I had never had it there - that didn't mean much to me. When I got there the server said there was none due to tomorrow's big Juninho (June) fest where they are expecting 1000+ brasileros for the championship Soccer game vs the USA and the famed annual Brazilian June fest...then we got another server who said it was too hot for the national dish and that they would not be serving it during the Summer months? We finished our drinks and bolted to Verdaddy's Taco Shop...which was pretty good! The fish tacos are very nice, as were the Taquitos. Hope to hear soon there is Fiejoada to be had at Boteco.

              1. did you go to blue marlin? I'm back in town from the west coast and have that on my to do list...should I be going for fried or smoked fish?

                also, what is kelly's landing about? haven't heard of it...

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                  My dear Net>

                  I hope you don't feel "bait and switched" by my Boteco post. They did say Brazilian food and not feijoada for the Festa last weekend. If it helps any, Sushi Samba Dromo on Lincoln Road announced a Sunday brunch including Feijoada (no promises as to quality or authenticity)

                  ...every sunday 11:30am-3:30pm SAMBABRUNCH $15 per guest We've got family style brunch for every style bunch! your choice of 4 brunch favorites - think pancakes, eggs bennie, apple-roasted bacon - all served family style FEIJOADA $13 per guest Go brunch the brazilian way! Dig into this rich stew of black beans and savory meats served with rice, collard greens, farofa, fresh orange slices & refreshing orange batidas.

                  1NYGuy -

                  The fish fry and smoked fish dip (more appetizer than main) is on weekends at the Blue Marlin on 163rd. Kind of mosquito-y just now.

                  Kelly's Landing is a casual (think in terms of decor a Quarterdeck motif) seafood spot with New England favorites like ipswich clams and DEVOUT Patriots & Sox Fans. Really nice seafood at reasonable prices. 1305 SE 17th St (north on Cordova Rd) Fort Lauderdale, (954) 760-7009


                  1. re: advisor_Girl

                    Did anyone catch D3's (Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives) recent show featuring the Blue Marlin? I found their smoking process to be quite unique. The guy handling the smoking process is an ex-science teacher, I believe. Their fish dip recipe is featured.

                    D3 also featured a spot on a Cuban seafood joint La Cameronera where it is mostly fried fish. One recipe was where they pre-coat fish with homemade seafood sauce, batter, and then fry the fish.

                    1. re: freakerdude

                      La Camaronera is fantastic. I've you've never been, it's a definite must try. All of their fish is fresh and very in-expensive. Bring cash though cause they don't take credit cards.

                    2. re: advisor_Girl


                      Checked out the Samba brunch last weekend and was not disappointed. One thing though, brunch was $30, not $15 ( i figured that sounded way too low for lincoln road anyway). For the price of admission, diners are given a choice of: make your own mimosas, four different sushi rolls + a ceviche of the day, feijoada w/ rice & collards, some miso soup something or other, assorted bakery items, none of which looked great, mini churros, mini dulce de leche french toast, terrible little pancakes, and a choice of made to order items including eggs any style, benedicts made w/ smoked salmon, south american fritatta, and churrasco and eggs, which is what I ordered.

                      The roll selection included the maya roll, brazilian vegetable roll, ezo roll, and something else that escapes my mind. Most of the "spread" items like baked goods etc seemed as if they were out too long and a bit stale. The feijoada was very tasty, although I haven't had the dish since Rio in '05 so i'm rusty on the authenticity aspect. No farofa in sight though. Best part of the brunch hands down was the churrasco and eggs, served with a few nice thick slices of the meat, cooked medium, with a nicely fried egg and a couple of really crispy, delicious onion rings.

                      I would do it again, and either try and go a lot earlier (we got there just after 3 i think), or just stick with the made to order/rolls/feijoada/mimosas combo which ain't too shabby.

                      1. re: dmo305

                        Mi Rinconcito does all the favorites on the weekend-but Sunday brings Shrimp ceviche tostadas. With a frosty tecate. Calle Ocho at 19th

                        1. re: Miami Danny

                          i've been getting take-out adobado tacos from here alot lately- $5 for an order of 3 and they are real good.

                          1. re: Miami Danny

                            I went to Mi Rinconcito for the ceviche tostadas but ordered the birria (spicy lamb stew) instead. The broth didn't have enough flavor for my taste, but it was satisfying when paired with their excellent tortillas.

                            The wife had beef gorditas, and pronounced the marinated steak so good that the soft, fried-corn shell was interfering with her enjoyment of the meat! They also offered posole and carnitas, the latter aren't on the menu so may not be a regular thing, but they looked to be the Michoacan variety which is what I look for.

                            As for the salsa, the offered variety was flavorless, but they brought us a cup of tomatillo salsa about 12 seconds after we requested it.

                            We would definitely go back.

                            1. re: bigpurpleguy


                              Saw online that the new Brazilian tapas place Downtown has feijoada on their "Executive Menu" so if you are a pork loving CEO you may qualify... Sadly I do not rank so I am sticking to the peon platter.



                              1. re: advisor_Girl

                                Hahah i noticed... menu looks good and its def on the list. Anybody been?

                                1. re: advisor_Girl

                                  I went to their opening party last night. Plenty of passed apps and of sweet libations. Caipiroskas, Bunda and Batata Frita abound!

                      2. Fridays are Sopa de Caracol days at Atlakatl on NW 7th Street and 24th ish Ave. I never understood how the famous and rather annoying song of the same name got so popular on Spanish radio back in the early 90's...now I know!

                        1. Not sure where to stick this, so I'll put it here. Warning: I do not think this was a weekend special, but was told it is a House Specialty. Conejo Estofado from Casa Panza Calle 8 Little Havana Miami. Stewed Rabbit was pretty good. Having never savoured this Easter Mascot, I must say, I liked it.

                          1. People's BBQ offers up the following AG>


                            Baked Chicken and Dressing (Thursday Only)
                            Neckbones (Tues & Sat) Please feel free to fill me. I'm not taking one for the team!
                            Smothered Ribs (Fridays) Can anyone attest, or should I take on for the team?
                            Turkey Wings (Wed & Fri)


                            Baked Chicken and Dressing (Sunday Only)
                            Chitterings??? (First Friday Only) Please feel free to fill me in on a definition.
                            Smothered Ribs (Fridays)
                            Ham Hocks (Thursdays & Saturdays)
                            Turkey Wings (Sundays)


                            Sweet Peas (Thurs & Sunday)
                            Black Eyed Peas (Tues/Fri/Sun)
                            Cabbage (Thurs/Sun)