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How do you like your pizza?

Rather than threadjack the cheese-on-pastrami topic, I'm going to ask the following in a new thread.

What do you like on pizza? What do you dislike?
What do you consider less a pizza than an abomination?

One request- please don't flame anybody for their choices here, since I ask the question not wanting to alienate anybody. Feel free to roll your eyes and gag to yourself if necessary. :-)

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  1. I'll start it off with a controversial choice: tomato and cheese. I'll eat nearly anything on pizza but I really love it straight up.

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    1. re: Cameraman

      Tomato and cheese is my only choice, I'll save the rest of the stuff for heros.

      An abomination? That new P'zone I saw advertised, I'm not sure I even comprehend what it is exactly. Supposedly pizza but could have sworn it looked like a calzone?

      1. re: coll

        the P'zone is exactly like a calzone. One pound's worth.

    2. My favorite is fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, freshly grated parmigiano reggiano basil and extra virgin olive oil.

      after working many pizzerias and being a home pizza master, my wife's well traveled opinion, I personally think more than three toppings is overkill. Toppings MUST be well balanced. I also feel that more than one meat selection is a total waste and creates palate confusion in something that should be quite simple.

      Chicago Style "pizza" is NOT pizza..... it is merely a cheese casserole in a bread bowl.... IMHO.

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      1. re: Lenox637

        Mmmm...Margherita, my favourite!

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          Agree on the Chicago style pizza Lenox. I never did understand the fascination with it, and I lived in Illinois for 20 years. I like my crust thin even to the point of being crispy.

          One abmonination on thin crust pizza, however, are the places that put corn meal under the crust. I guess it's so it doesn't stick to the pan, but I just don't think corn meal belongs on pizza.

        2. Sweetened sauce is an abomination.

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              Ew, agreed. And PLEASE don't put nutmeg in it. Blech!

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                There's another thread on this, and I agree. Pizza sauce, along with spaghetti sauce, salsa and Bloody Mary mix should never be sweetened.

              2. Favorite: Pepperoni & Mushroom (the mushrooms Must be Fresh.)
                Just Pepperoni is ok, Italian Sweet Sausage is also ok, Plain pie is fine, too.

                No toppings that make the pie watery, please.
                Hold the olives, hold the anchovies.
                No more than 2-3 toppings (after that, it's knife and fork time, and the whole point of pizza, IMHO, is to pick it up and eat it.)

                Abominations: Fruit of any kind (yes, that includes the infamous "Hawaiian pizza" with pineapple), Ricotta Cheese, Blue Cheese, Chicken, BBQ Sauce, Clams

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                1. re: mcsheridan

                  I cannot ABIDE pineapple on pizza. It's just plain wrong! LOL

                  That said - I like thin crusts. Many pizzas in the MA are are just too doughy, but there are those out there that make them pretty close to NY-style thin-crust.

                  As for toppings - Margherita pies, and I like pepperoni or crumbled sweet Italian sausage. And when I want a "white pizza" (i.e., the sauce) I like grilled chicken and broccoli. (Sorry, mcsheridan, on the chicken one! LOL)

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                    You are definitely onto something there mcsheridan. I like my pizza to be pizza. No taco pizza. No cheeseburger pizza. No BBQ chicken pizza. And DEFINITELY no Hawaiian pizza - that's the biggest abomination of all.

                    I like mine thin with the right balance of sauce, cheese and one or maybe at the most two ingredients. I will have to say, however, that my love for green olives carries over to pizza - g.o. pizza is one of my faves.

                  2. Thin crust with tomato sauce ( we just crush up canned San Marzano and add a bit of basil) , grated pecorino romano, occasionally some Parm or fontina , a good amount of EVOO, and thinly julienned scallion. We grill it and we fell in love with this at Al Forno in PVD Rhode Island ..

                    1. Thin NY style crust, just a little extra sauce, use provolone and Italian sausage meat heavy on fennel, well done. mmm mmm mmm.

                      Absoutly NO G** D***, pineapple, saurkraut, kim chee (and I love kimchee), chicken, fruits, bratwurst, jack cheese, bbq sauce, keilbasa, refried beans(oh yeah they do that too),scrambled eggs, salmon, split brussel sprouts,bacon and Absoutly NO FETA!!!

                      1. Acceptable

                        mozzy, romano, parm, ricotta, bacon, sausage, meatball, pepperoni, basil, mushroom, peppers, onions, tomatoes, fried eggplant

                        Totally wrong...jfood agrees with mrbigshot...

                        1. Like-
                          white, red, most alternative sauces (inc anchovy in moderation)
                          like as ingredients- sausage, pepperoni, most cheeses, capers, olives, sd tomatoes, goat cheese (in particular) , basil, shrooms, most herbs except dill, pineapple, anchovies, chiles (not the pickled jalapenos, but raw or roasted), etc etc

                          don't lke-
                          chicken in any form, likewise broccoli, unprepared veggies that water down the pizza (example- unseared summer squash). BUT MOSTLY-

                          1. Forgot- any pizza that em[ties out the refrigerator- twenty kinds of meat, etc.

                            never had- the cheese-stuffed crust pizza. I'm too afraid that my carb-loading ancestors would make me want/need it to the point of needing to the oint of going ther with a fake nose and mustache every so often and gobbling it down. it ain't right but I might crave it. does that make sense? Here's some old school catholic self-hate, I fear

                            1. The only abomination to me is a poor crust. I recall a Little Caesars I had maybe twenty years ago that defined poor crust. Just flavorless. As for how I like it? Good would describe it. I've had way too many conventional and wacky pies that I've liked. My current favorite is a Mexican pizza served at Earth Bread + Brewers in Philly which first off has great crust and is topped with spicy tomato sauce, black bean and corn medley, mozz and green onion. The textural contrast is to die for; black beans and corn popping inside your mouth.

                              1. What do you like on pizza?

                                Must be thin crust.
                                roasted garlic, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, bacon,
                                I love Buca de Beppo's pizza w/chil oil.

                                And being from California I do like thai chicken pizza and "salad" pizza

                                What do you dislike?
                                Onions, peppers, anchovies, pineapple, ham

                                What do you consider less a pizza than an abomination?

                                I don't like thick crust, or stuffed crust, or Dominoe's.

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                                1. re: laliz

                                  Cheese and pepproni with fresh basil, thin crust and cooked in a brick oven...

                                2. I'll go with what everyone wants when I go out for pizza-everything but anchovies. BUT, if it's just me, I like a medium pan pizza from Pizza Hut, just cheese, extra sauce, with ranch dressing to dip. With some Wing Street boneless buffalo wings.

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                                  1. re: schrutefarms

                                    DS loves pizza dipped in ranch. His mother does not.

                                      1. re: laliz

                                        Please. My FIL is from Italy. I wouldn't DARE eat ranch on my pizza in front of him. Or Pizza Hut, for that matter. That's why I only eat that when I am ALONE!!

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                                          I think that your true love is Ranch dressing. What fried, chessy, pub food item won't you put it on?

                                          1. re: Chinon00

                                            Ranch is my dirty little secret!! Seriously, though, it's so good on french fries, fried zucchini, chicken strips....The only thing I don't have it on is my salad!!

                                            1. re: schrutefarms

                                              "The only thing I don't have it on is my salad!! "

                                              Which salads do you eat?

                                              1. re: Chinon00

                                                I just meant I like different salad dressings for my salad-I'm more partial the the vinegary stuff, like Greek vinagrette, balsamic, etc.

                                    1. Thin, chewy crust that causes an ever so subtle head jerk when you bite it - this is priority #1 for me.

                                      I prefer white pizza (garlic oil base), but if I have sauce it's got to be light. Nothing worse than a soggy pizza in the middle.

                                      I love crispy pepperoni and occasionally sliced mushrooms (never from a can).

                                      I like to top my pizza with romano or parm. reg. cheese, red hot pepper flakes and dried oregano.

                                      1. I’m usually very flexible when it comes to pizza. I like the italian meats and fresh vegetables in any of their varied combinations. My personal favorite is an Italian sausage and fresh rings of green peppers, tomato sauce, and mozza.

                                        Another favorite is bacon, tomato and banana peppers.

                                        Thinner crust, but not paper thin (I like the chew of a bread-ier crust).

                                        I’ll say “pasadena” to anchovies on pizza every time, and I agree with most of mrbigshots absolutes, but the idea of brussel sprouts on a pizza intrigues me. !!!

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                                          As much as I love bacon, I just never did like it on pizza. Nor any other variation of smoked pork - ham, Canadian bacon, etc. CB was very popular on pizza in the midwest when I was younger, but not for me.

                                        2. I love just plain cheese pizza....then I sprinkle parm cheese on it.

                                          I can deal with onions and/or spinach on it and that's about it.

                                          I loathe buffalo chicken pizza.

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                                            Speaking of buffalo chicken pizza, there is a pizza joint in my town that is absolutely lousy, but for awhile it was the best around. The only _good_ pizza they had was the chicken pizza, so you can image how bad the "real" pizza was.

                                          2. aside from the non-meat issue, I can't stand anything sweet on a pizza, including as many others have stated, pineapple. Pineapple has absolutely no place on a pizza. Sweet sauce is a no-no.

                                            Can't say i'm fond of broccoli on a pizza either, but i did once have a pie that had some sort of broccoli pesto on there, and that was good !. I think it's mostly that I don't like half-raw veg on my pizza. Same goes for raw tomatoes, although i will tolerate them on a greek pizza (going against the anti-feta rule posted here)

                                            Mustn't be stingy on the cheese, and I prefer a thicker chewy crust. If i'm having additional toppings, I want something like green olives to give me the salty kick i'm missing in the meats. Unless it's something like a four cheese pizza, or a simple mushroom sort of deal.

                                            1. like: pepperoni and sausage or supreme/combination...
                                              dislike: pineapple or any fruits, bleu cheese, bbq sauce..

                                              pretty much anything that deviates from a traditional pizza with red sauce and good mozzarella isn't really like pizza to me..."whte" pizzas and pesto pizzas may be an exception, but most of these so-called gourmet pizzas are more like flat breads with topping as opposed ot my definition of "pizza"

                                              1. Wow, so where'd all the fru-fru pizza pansies go, who jumped on me about not wanting potato, pineapple, or chicken on a pie?!!!

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                                                1. re: BiscuitBoy

                                                  Maybe they reread my original request to not flame anybody for their choices??
                                                  I hope so.

                                                2. I don't care what is on my pizza, as long as it has stuffed crust and is at my door in 30 mins or less :-X

                                                  1. Crust: Thin, white, lightly browned/golden in spots, bubbling where it's browned, not chewy, but not toast-like either. You know it when you bite into it.

                                                    If I can choose only one: a drizzle of olive oil, fresh tomato, fresh mozza, fresh basil, more olive oil drizzle, perhaps a touch of blk pepper if that's how the kitchen offers it up.

                                                    If I can order two at the same time (and that's my preference!): again with the olive oil (no tomato sauce) broccolini and/or rapini (the exact same way my favourite pizza joint in Testaccio does it), grated parm, grated mozza, more olive oil.

                                                    Abomination: absolutely, without any hesitation, when McDonald's tried to sell us pizza. It was in the mid-90's I believe, and if you don't recall the horror, it was because they used Canada as the lab and the US spared, at least that's what I was told.

                                                    1. Crispy, burn marks on the thin crust but not torched
                                                      Cheese is tasty, not plastic
                                                      Sauce says hello, not HELLO!!!!!!
                                                      Pepperoni's are plentiful but not exceeding the weight limit of the crust.
                                                      Fold the slice, let the orange juice drip and take careful bites if you're wearing something dry-clean only.

                                                      I've had foo-foo pizza and it's ok, but I like my pepperoni just fine.
                                                      White pie is good too...

                                                      I get a little disgruntled if someone wants the pineapple kind, or a bunch of crazy shit that forces you to wonder why they still call it pizza- but they do.

                                                      1. Many years ago, my only requirement of pizza was that "when you finished it you felt like you just ate a 20 pound turkey" [i.e. plentiful was my credo, esp. on the crust]. Now that I no longer like taking long carb coma naps after eating my pizza, my only requirement is that it be vegetarian of some sort, preferably with pesto rather than tomato sauce, and absolutely no broccoli or tomatoes on it [both of which I absolutely love, but find beyond revolting on pizza].

                                                        1. Just got pizza last night from a new place people rave about, and remembered something I dislike enough that I usually mention to the pizzeria when ordering: too much mozzarella, so much that it's difficult to swallow. What a waste of money for them to overload on it, I guess there's some kind of trend though because I find it made this way more than not lately.

                                                          1. Cripsy, Italian-style crust with a nice bite, good-flavored dough, and some chew. Tomato-y sauce. Good cheese. Fresh basil.

                                                            Toppings -- my absolute fave in the U.S. is fresh mushrooms, onions, green peppers. In Europe, it can be arugula, shaved parm, and cherry tomatoes. Or grilled zucchini, eggplant, and taleggio cheese. I do need my shrooms on pizza.

                                                            Never pineapple or other fruit. None of that Chicago 'pie' either.

                                                            Must have oregano and crushed red pepper flakes on it. Gotta be hot '-)

                                                              good sauce, not too sweet
                                                              cheese and lots of it
                                                              fresh basil
                                                              properly done crust and not a crust from a can, so the slice should be a bit foldable and not thick unless they know how to do a thick crust that doesn't taste like bad bread

                                                              I guess you can give me a really well-made margherita and I will be extremely happy.

                                                              sugary sauce
                                                              BBQ sauce
                                                              pepperoni (I think it's generally overrated as a topping, at least the stuff I can get around here)

                                                              1. I've actually been making my own pizza lately on the BBQ....I made a white pizza recently that was mozzerella, parm, romano, feta and garlic with olive oil and salt, I pre-baked the dough, then spread the mixture on top....It turned out way too salty, and I didn't really like it that night, but then I woke up CRAVING the leftovers...Now it's all I want to eat. Salty cheesy garlicky oily goodness....I also made a pulled pork BBQ pizza, just BBQ sauce, Trader Joes white cheese blend, red onions, cilantro and pulled pork. Turned out unbelievable (if you like the BBQ pizzas-I do).