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May 31, 2009 07:10 AM

NY Foodies--3 nights in SF. Will exchange for NY recs!

My husband and I will be in SF from 7/20 to 7/23. So far, we think we are going to Ozumo, maybe Gary Danko. I am considering some other places. Maybe Chez Panisse for lunch and a Mexican or dim sum dinner.

What do you think about Colibri? The food looks good but I want it to be a fun experience.Thanks for your help!!!! Any ideas for lunches, wine bars or wine shops will also be appreciated.


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  1. Lunch at Chez Panisse will be at the Cafe, not the restaurant (which is only open for dinner). A little bit of direction on what type of food you like would be very helpful as the San Francisco bay area has a myriad of restaurant choices.

    On the wine bars I'd hit Terrior which is at 1116 Folsom. There are several good wine shops in the bay area. Two in the city are K&L Wines on 4th and The Wine Club on Harrison between 5th and 6th.

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      Gee, I'm not even that into wine, but there are more good wine shops that that in the city. The Wine Merchant at Ferry Plaza is one. The Jug Shop is another. Then there is Blackstones on Geary, though that is a bit out of the way. There hasn't been much feedback on Cellar 360 at Ghiradelli Square. They were helpful and had a large selection ... though it is the wineries for that company. I'm sure the more wine knowledgable will come up with more. There's some sort of discount wine place that's changed names a few times on Polk?

    2. I would skip Colibri; my friend and I have no desire to return. I've read reviews that Nopalito (new) is good. (It's in the panhandle area near GG Park, near Haight/Ashbury.)

      Dim Sum places are for lunch -- my favorite: Yank Sing, near Ferry Bldg, 101 Spear/Mission St.

      Go to Gary Danko, if you like lobster, order it. There's a new place, big on wine, RN74, at 301 Mission St -- beautiful, expensive.