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May 31, 2009 06:16 AM

St. Croix River Dining Options With River Access (MSP)

We will be doing some boating this summer on the St. Croix River. When we boat, we often like to stop for lunch at places along the way. I have favorites on Lake Minnetonka (and am familiar with all of the places that aren't favorites as well), but know nothing about places along the river. We'll be leaving from Stillwater so we are particularly curious about places that are a little bit of a boat ride from Stillwater (North or South or even across the border into Wisconsin). I know the options might not be up to the usual "chow" standards, but we need to eat -- even if it's just a decent burger or a place with awful food but a great setting.

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  1. The St. Croix is a federally-designated "wild and scenic" river. Accordingly, there is very little development from the headwaters down through Taylor's Falls, and still not much from Taylor's Falls to Prescott.

    From Stillwater, the best bet for chowspots is to go downstream -- Hudson, Bayport, Afton, Prescott.