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May 31, 2009 05:59 AM

Pittsburgh for a day

A Brooklyn Hound returning to my college stomping grounds 13 yrs later for just one day and I'm looking for a lunch and dinner recommendation. I have an urge to go back to what I remember Ritter's Diner, Charlie's, Mad Mex, etc....but I know much has changed. What's new in Pittsburgh?

Lunch recs should be basic, dinner should be something special (it's my wife's bday). Thanks in advance. We'll be staying in Squirrel Hill....

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  1. make sure to explore the area now referred to as Eastside, which is an attempt to blend East Liberty and Shadyside. there are new options offering a variety of cuisines and price ranges. there are now 2 Ethiopian restaurants. you may find Dinette to be a good dinner option.

    1. A lot's changed in Pittsburgh in the last 13 years, way too much to list here. I recently left the Burgh for Boston but if I had only one day to go back for a special dinner, my top choice would be Mr. Shu's omakase at Umi. If you're not into that, I'd go with Bona Terra in Sharpsburg. It's always great.

      Ritter's is still as awesome as it ever was. It's a lot nicer without the smoke.

      1. For dinner I might recommend Eleven in the Strip or Dish on the Southside. Can't go wrong with either. Bona Terra is excellent, just not centrally located. Same with Mio.

        Dinette is not upscale by any means, but if you want some excellent pizzas and apps with the highest quality/freshest ingredients and good, affordable wines, it's a great option, a real gem in the Pittsburgh dining scene. Perhaps dinner could be preceded by a drink on the rooftop at Six Penn Kitchen downtown or a classic cocktail at Embury on the first floor of the Firehouse Lounge in the Strip.

        1. did you go to CMU? they sound like my favorite college places. We live in shadyside. my recommendation for lunch is Point Brugge. They don't take reservations, so i usually go at like 1:30 -2, when things are slowing down. the red curry mussels and frites are amazing and their sandwiches are great too. cute little patio outside. They are in Point Breeze. Sunday brunch is also excellent (yummy bloody marys)

          Agree with Bona Terra for dinner. it's in Sharpsburg, about 15 minutes from Squirrel hill. BYOB, so pick up a bottle of wine at the big wine and spirits store in "eastside" on the corner of S. Highland and Centre Ave. Lots of selections (for PA!


          It's my birthday this weekend and while I do really like Bona Terra, we tend to gravitate back towards Casbah. I know it's not super new or as exciting, but it's consistently great, nice atmosphere and also locally sourced foods like Bona Terra. In fact, husband is arguing for Casbah for dinner and i'm arguing for Bona Terra.