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May 31, 2009 12:47 AM

Canmore - Iron Goat

"Hey, they can't screw up a club sandwich, right?"

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  1. What a place, physically...

    The best of everything, vaulted ceilings, post and beam construction. Natural woods, polished concrete. A vast patio with a billion dollar view.

    The menu is really simple stuff. Burgers (beef or bison), clubhouse, crab cakes, sandwiches. Entrees are a few grills, a few fillets, etc. Wannabe gastropub kind of stuff.

    So, with that said, the food and service. Party of twelve, with a good cross section from the menu.

    We were crammed into the private dining space on the western portion of the dining room. The designer forgot nothing except room for the servers to get in to serve our party. Bucket brigade service... Waters to start. (In Czech crystal.) Hand 'em down!

    Later, "very hot" plates. Hand 'em down!

    Our snippy, ice cold server handed out drinks, food and instructions with an air of barely restrained fury. Retire now, princess.

    The food was a failure on all fronts.

    "House cut" fries were saturated, limp and undercooked for all at our table. The clubhouse I ordered was clumsily thrown together with supermarket turkey slices, served up with a pile of the aforementioned flaccid frites. To their utter, unapologetic shock, I politely sent it back.

    Also, a small ramikin of frisee with a dash of cheap balsamic vinegar, the vinaigrette, apparently posing as a salad, was left to sit after my fork pulled the whole thing out at one go upon catching a four inch chunk of rocket.

    Burgers were declared to be "edible." They looked it, but barely...

    One high note, the crab cakes were well received. Who knew?

    So it goes. I honestly hope they work out the kinks, but overall, the execution of their very easy menu was so poor that I don't think they can tweak their way out of it. There's no excuse anymore where my dollar is concerned. Canmore: blah blah blah. Labour market: blah blah blah.

    Whoever built this place has money to burn. Good for them, and god help 'em.

    But hey, great patio, which is worth several (reasonably priced) beers any day. I'll just smuggle in a bag 'o chips maybe.

    With all this said, please go and try this place and prove me wrong!

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    1. re: seemac70

      The response you would get from most Canmore residents when the Iron Goat is mentioned would 99 times out of 100 be

      "great views, abysmal food"

      It's been like that since it opened, the kinks are set in stone I'm afraid.

      1. re: graemejw

        Coming in from Calgary I was joking; "As the old saying goes, the better the view, the worse the food!"

        Ah well.

      2. re: seemac70

        I was wondering what that place was like, thanks for the report. Sounds too uneven for us to spend our money and chance it.

      3. Hey just had dinner at The Iron Goat Pub and Grill and it was great !!! Colourful pub food based menu, yes the view OMG !!!! and the service was prompted and knowledgable. They had a BBQ set up right on the patio cooking ribs .. which based on all these posting were good , staff seemed energized and excited ...maybe some changes for the better?? I would defintely return .