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May 30, 2009 11:00 PM

Green Tea II closed?

I was looking for sweet soy milk soup and donuts w/dim sum West of Boston, and followed CH recommendations to Framingham. Green Tea II was closed, and the phone # out of service.

Other recommendations for soy milk soup, &Shanghai/Taiwan dim sum?

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  1. Jo Jo Taipei, Taiwan Cafe, Shangri-la, Chung Shin Yuan and the Wisteria stall in the Alston Super88 food court all feature Taiwanese Brunch on weekends. In addition, Wang's, Qingdao Garden, and Zoe's all have tian2 dou4 jiang1 (sweet soy bean milk) and you2 tiao2 (fried cruller) and a few other Northern-style brunch specialities on weekends.

    Finnally, while I haven't been there in quite a long time, I assume the other Green Tea on Elliot Street in Newton Highlands is still open. I was actually very impressed with their Northern-style brunch and Cantonese Dim Sum --- rare to find a place that does both styles, let alone does each fairly well!

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      Many thanks for the recommendations!

      I enjoyed Qingdao Garden for brunch yesterday, good fresh soy bean milk, fried cruller, and tasty dumplings, though just a bit "doughy" for my taste. I look forward to trying the others which you and TH have mentioned...

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        I had a wonderful brunch at Chung Shin Yuan, excellent sweet and salty soy milk, fried cruller, and Taiwan Style Lao-Mian. Really top-notch. Looking forward to trying the steamed spiced spareribs recommended elsewhere, also the pig-ear and jellyfish. Do any of these places serve baby bamboo shoots?

        Many thanks for the tip...

      2. Green Tea in Newton is still open. Uncle Cheungs in Framingham has Shanghainese dim sum, though I haven;t been for some time.