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May 30, 2009 10:58 PM

Places to eat cheese in Beijing?

Admittedly a non-Chinese food request (though native cheese suggestions, e.g. Yunnan goats cheese also welcome!) - but can anyone recommend any establishments with decent cheese boards / cheese platters in Beijing, or particuarly 'cheesey' dishes or general experience?

Many thanks!

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  1. How esoteric do you want these cheeses?

    WanDaSofitel Cinema-- "ball park" style nachos. They'll put on a few extra squirts of dayglo cheese if you ask, for free.

    Frank's--nachos. NOT the best in the world, although stubbornly hyped to be such by people who no longer go anywhere else
    Peter's -- nachos
    Sizzler-- salad bar

    Kro's -- pizza.
    Annie's -- 4 cheese sauce pasta; fondue in February
    Outback-- cheese fries

    Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant -- tapas, cheese board
    Paulaner Bräuhaus -- German cheese board
    South German Bakery Lucky Street [restaurant on 2nd floor]-- cheese platter, and a thing like a thiiin pizza

    Uncountable "sandwich places" from the La Vita's [Former illegal Subway chain] to Element Fresh.
    Uncountable hotel buffets that have a bread 'n' cheese section, from Traders Upper East Side to The Beijing Hotel.

    McDonald's does have double cheeseburgers.

    Cheese Sunday Brunch

    What did you REALLY have in mind? I can't say that I've been a denizen of the Alameda/Aria/Blue Lobster/Brasserie Flo price range places, but I HAVE been in Beijing for 5 years and I am an American [read-- "addicted to cheese and cheese sauces"].

    Drop me a line.