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May 30, 2009 08:38 PM

mermaid inn lobster roll.....falling short?

So I'm a big fan of lobster rolls, pearl oyster bar/ marys fish camp are great. After reading the two recent lobster roll reviews I realized that I haven't tried the one @ mermaid inn.

The pictures that I've seen and descriptions all describe it as having "big chunks of lobster" but what I got was very stringy almost shredded pieces of lobster and it wasn't very thick. Too much bun to lobster ratio.

It wasn't an awful lobster roll but I am wondering if what I had was not their usual highly touted masterpiece. The fries were awesome though

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  1. This has been my experience (at the UWS location), too, jon. It was, frankly, terrible. Also undersalted with too much mayonnaise.

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    1. re: cimui

      Mine too, but at the EV location.

      1. re: rrems

        Me too - I've only had it at the East Village location and it's been awesome every time. Can't vouch for UWS.

        1. re: YummyInTheCity

          You seem to misunderstand. I was agreeing with cimui that the lobster roll was terrible (well, mediocre at best), skimpy and bland. Awesome? I can't imagine how.

    2. Without question, Mary's Fish Camp has the best lobster rolls in the city, so why did I try Mermaid Inn? Lobster rolls! The worse I have ever eaten. Stringy lobster, ice cold (on a not well (or at all) toasted hamburger bun! (for shame). We would have been better off with the 2 for $10 lobster rolls at Stew Leonards. The saving grace at Mermaid Inn uptown was an excellent waiter, and a stylish room. The shrimp po boy was a disgrace as well. French fries were average. I'm not sure where some of you people are eating, but you clearly don't know a lobster roll from rock n' roll... and shame on you Mermaid Inn for serving this mediocre food, especially since the lobster roll competition in Manhattan is fierce.

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        just a note, just because a lobster roll is on a hamburger bun does not make it undelicious. one of the best lobster rolls i've ever had was at abbot's in connecticut. hot lobster, hot butter, all on a hamburger bun. amazing. but i do agree, the lobster roll at mermaid is subpar.