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May 30, 2009 08:17 PM

Post exam celebration

My friends and I are taking our Step 1 medical board exam (really really important test for us) June 17th and are looking for a place to celebrate afterwards. We have been studying non-stop for the past month so we're really excited to finally get dressed up, go out and enjoy good food and drinks! We're looking for options in the back bay/south end area or possibly the north end. Given that we are medical students in debt, we'd like to keep the entrees in the $20ish range...which rules out Mistral unfortunately. We're hoping to try somewhere new and fun. Restaurants that we have been to and liked include: Teatro, Franklin Cafe, Stella, South End Buttery, Pop's, Antico Forno, and Kingston station. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you tried Gaslight in the South End? It's in your price range. Food is really good and it's a great atmosphere...simple Frech bistro food; nothing fancy but good quality and a good time.

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      This might get a little expensive, depending on how much tapas you order, but Toro in the South End has terrific food and a fun, celebratory atmosphere. And a Wednesday night is a good time to go, without the very long waits of a weekend night.

      Another option could be Banq in the South End, which has interestng food and a very beautiful, exciting room.

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        I thought about Toro but I have a feeling we're gonna be pretty hungry (it's an 8 hour exam) so Toro might get pretty expensive.

    2. I was also thinking you might like Highland Kitchen in Somerville. Crazy inexpensive, good service, good food. Fish and chips is good; burger is great; steak was great. Cool casual atmosphere. Excellent service all the times I've been there. Spelling bee on Tuesday nights if you're into that kind of thing!

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        I've been meaning to try Highland Kitchen for a while but we're hoping to stay in Boston that night. I'll definitely keep it in mind for another night though!

      2. How's the atmosphere at sel de la terre on Boylston St.? I see they have a $35 prix fixe meal during the week. Would this be a good place for us to celebrate?

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          I enjoyed the atmosphere at SDLT Boylston! It was rather modern, so not what I pictured given the feel of the State Street location, but it worked in the space. The service was attentive, and I felt very "taken care of" all evening.

          I haven't tried their prix fixe meal, but the meal that I had when I did go was really delicious. I think it would be a great place for a celebratory dinner

        2. Kingston Station is a great place for group events. The drinks are a little pricey but the entrees are reasonable. Plus, they usually put big groups in the private area of their restaurant.