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May 30, 2009 08:01 PM

Restaurants Fuencarral Madrid

Can Anyone recommend any restaurants near Calle de Fuencarral in Madrid?Thanks.

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  1. Paulino de Quevedo, at the top of Calle Fuencarral near the Quevedo metro station, on Calle Jordan, 1/2 block off Fuencarral. Or anything in the Chueca area is just a block or two from Fuencarral.

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    1. re: kathinmadrid

      Do you know of any good places that are kid friendly? Tapas bars? Cafes?

      1. re: 99Lee

        As stated by an earlier poster, it would be helpful if you know what part of Calle de Fuencarral. The street stretches about 2 km, the bottom being near the Gran Via (very central) and the other end, more away from the center of the city. As for kid friendly; how old is your kid? are you looking for places in the center of Madrid?

    2. That's a long street. Which part?