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May 30, 2009 07:56 PM

Cheap Grapeseed or Peanut Oil for frying

I am looking for reasonable priced peanut or grapeseed oil for deep frying. Has to be within Boston city limit (no car).

All I can find are tiny containers ..... I am hoping if I buy by the gallon it gets a bit cheaper. Not sure if other oil types will work as well as these do .... open for ideas though ......


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  1. For that matter what happened to retail peanut oil? I haven't seen any in local stores for more than a year now (other than overpriced Haine's, I think, in small quantities). I used to do Chinese stir-fries with peanut oil. Thought of posting about this, I'm looking forward to the responses. Thanks.

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      i buy my peanut oil at the Super 88 - i don't know the price for a large bottle now but it always was reasonable in the past. i love olive oil but not for frying or for anything i want to cook in very hot oil. Grapeseed oil I used to get at Arax, the Armenian store in Watertown, but I haven't checked in a while. I was just there for a spice run: i really like the price and quality of their spices.

    2. Any Chinese market should have peanut oil in large containers. I used to get mine at Super 88, but I have not been going there recently due to the changes it has been going through. My most recent purchase was at Ming's. It is also available at Kam Man, in Quincy. No doubt you could buy it at any of the C-Mart's too.

      I have not seen grapeseed oil sold in large containers. However yuo can get a medium sized bottle of it at Trader Joe's. (That's where mine is from.) The peanut oil from Chinese markets tends to have a peanut flavor; grapeseed oil is far more neutral. I would choose it for dishes where peanut flavor is not appropriate.

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        Ocean State Job Lot often has a 32 oz bottle of grapeseed oil, for maybe $5, but I don't think there is one in Boston city limits....

      2. I don't see why plain ol' canola oil wouldn't work, available at every supermarket. It's what most restaurants use nowadays. For grapeseed oil, the cheapest I've seen has been at the TJX corp stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx - about $6/liter.

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        1. re: almansa

          for some canola imparts a fishy taste.

          I will check the asian markets. Not sure why peanut oil disappeared from other places but I am definitely done buying 5$ planters in the tiny bottle ....

          1. re: jk1002

            I've been happy with the large tins of Knife brand available in Super 88 or CMart.. Don't recall the price; but it's very inexpensive and good for stirfrying. As mentioned above, it does have a slight peanut use accordingly.

            1. re: 9lives

              Knife brand seems to be one of the good ones.
              Evidently there is a problem with some of the other Chinese brands...I've read that testing has shown that some of them are not really 100% peanut oil, but rather, diluted with soy and canola and not labeled as such. Don't get me wrong...I do 85% of my shopping in some of NJ's incredible and massive Asian markets (I rarely go anywhere else for meats, fish, and vegetables); but the labeling on many processed products from China can often be a bit lax.

          2. re: almansa

            Yeah, I was going to say TJ Maxx, when they have it. Their "gourmet foods" department occasionally has good values, but is extremely hit or miss - once in a while I'll find a good stash of things like grapeseed oil, unusual Melinda's products, or decent olive oil and balsamic vinegar at excellent prices. But all too often it's just designer cookies and weird salad dressing.

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              Ixne the anolacay for high heat. It's just not a reliable oil for high heat, its marketing campaign aside.

              Actually, I've noticed more cookbooks unrecommending it in the past couple of years (Mark Bittman, for example, is but the latest), for the same reason many people dislike it: it's prone to make things taste fishy (which is partly a function of its otherwise highly marketed fat profile), at least for enough people.

              1. re: Karl S

                Is this something that affects some people and not others? I probably buy 40 gallons of canola oil for high heat cooking every day, and I've never heard a complaint. Anyway, I'd suggest soybean oil as an alternative. The no-car restriction is a bummer, since Costco is the answer.

                Then there's always the internet, in which case I'd go with rice bran oil.

                1. re: almansa

                  The ability to taste things varies, as has been well demonstrated. Also, you might not hear a complaint because most people don't know this is a common cause of the fishy taste in fried food.

            2. My local Shaws (Belmont) had 5 gal boxes of what i believe was peanut oil between the veggies and bread. I didn't notice the price. I assume that other Shaws would also have it.

              1. I'm actually looking for the medium size bottles and can't find any for a reasonable price. Market Basket only has a huge square gallon box of peanut oil blend for ~$22. It's intended for turkey frying. I think you can find similar at Walmart, Home Depot, etc... i.e. anyone who sells turkey fryers.