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large glass jars needed in brooklyn

Im making nocino this weekend and have run out of large glass jars - 1-1/2 liter/2 quart or larger to put this stuff in. any suggestion of a source for purchase?

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  1. Brooklyn Kitchen on Lorimer St. has canning supplies as well as jars with clamp seals. I was just there a few days ago. You might want to call them to be sure they have the size you need--


    1. Cook's Companion on Atlantic Ave, too.

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        Called them yesterday and they didn't have any.

      2. IKEA has a million options - cheap and plentiful if you can brave it on a weekend.

        1. If you don't mind running into Manhattan, I like The Container Store on 6th Ave. (I forgot the cross street, but it's 18th or 23rd.)

          1. I found some excellent large jars at Walmart (argh) out in the burbs near my office. Similar to the Ikea jars I think and very reasonable in price.

            1. If you didn't find them yet, I've seen them at Broadway Panhandler, 8th Street off of Broadway.

              1. I always get mine at the PS Coop. If you're not a member I believe Tarzian Housewares on 2nd Street & 7th Ave might stock them.

                1. The older Italian families in my neighborhood in Queens (Maspeth) can tomatoes in the late summer, so the local hardware stores have canning supplies. It's a major operation. They'll buy like five crates of plum tomatoes, set up propane burners and big stockpots in the backyard for blanching. The whole family is involved, and grandma's usually coordinating the operation.

                  You might see what you find in Carroll Gardens. I lived there from around 1995-99, and there was a place called "Dave's" on Court St around Third or Fourth Place, where they sold several sizes of espresso gaskets, and definitely would have canning supplies, if they haven't been pushed out by gentrification. I remember buying something there once and a customer came in asking "Do you have any double berlers?" and the woman at the register called to the owner in the back of the shop and said "where do we keep the double berlers?" and he said, "yeah, I think we got a double berler back here."

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                    The oldline hardware stores usually have canning supplies in the fall but its too early still and anyway I have a cellar full of quart, pint and jelly jars --fortunately as noted about I found some really big jars out in NJ and there are a lot of cool options people have posted for future reference - thanks all!

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                      I live on that block in Carroll Gardens. Unfortunately, I don't think Dave's has survived, unless it's the place between the big hardware store and Victor's Dry Cleaners that has a brown storefront and no apparent name. It's a really random store. I've seen them put items for sale on the sidewalk--sometimes it's just one shoe with no match or a cooler. I've never been inside and I don't get the impression I'm welcome. Here's hoping it's not your beloved Dave's because that store sounds like it was awesome.